AFC South QB Power Rankings: Who moved up the most after the 2023 NFL Draft?

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With incoming rookie quarterbacks like  C.J. StroudAnthony Richardson, and Will Levis entering the AFC South, this list will look drastically different by midseason. While all these signal-callers have the potential to make things competitive in the division for years to come, they're not starters yet. 

Today we are looking at the four teams' starting quarterbacks going into OTAs and ranking them accordingly. The AFC South finished last in passing yards and touchdowns as a division. However, they did lead all divisions in interceptions thrown with 59. On the bright side, the AFC South got a makeover in the draft, but as it stands, this is how the quarterbacks in the AFC South rank. 

No. 4 AFC South Post-Draft QB Power Ranking: Tennessee Titans

. Ryan Tannehill. 4. player. 35. . 2536 yards 13 TD in 2023.

Ryan Tannehill's time in the AFC South is coming to an end. He is in the final year of his contract with the Tennessee Titans, and they have drafted a quarterback in both the 2022 and 2023 drafts. Trade rumors are swarming around the veteran quarterback, but he is still the Titans' QB1 for now. 

Despite missing the season's last four games and losing four straight games before going on the injured list, Tannehill is the worst quarterback in the AFC South. At 34 years old, the former first-round pick is declining quickly. He had a significant reduction in QB rating in 2022, and his touchdown production of 13 was way off his 2020 season when he threw for 33. 

Tannehill is not who he was and is no longer a threat to the Jaguars or anyone else in the AFC South. However, Will Levis is the second-best rookie quarterback coming into the AFC South. The Titans will have moved on from Tannehill and onto Levis by Week 4 and when they do, Levis will be the oldest starting quarterback in the AFC South. Therefore, Tannehill is ranked at the bottom of the top quarterbacks in the AFC South list.