5 potential OC replacements if the Jaguars parted ways with Press Taylor in 2024

• The Jaguars offense hasn't been clicking in 2023. If they considered to make a switch at OC, here are five potential replacements to Press Taylor

May 23, 2022; Thousand Oaks, CA, USA; Los Angeles Rams quarterbacks coach Zac Robinson during
May 23, 2022; Thousand Oaks, CA, USA; Los Angeles Rams quarterbacks coach Zac Robinson during / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Frank Reich, former Panthers head coach

If the Jaguars decided to move on from Press Taylors in 2024, they would have no shortage of options to replace him, and a handful of them would be familiar faces. The aforementioned Eric Bieniemy is one of them. He was the Chiefs running backs coach when Doug Pederson was their offensive coordinator. Another one is Frank Reich, who was Pederson's second in command during the Eagles' Super Bowl run in 2017.

Reich's successful stint in Philly led him to become the head coach for the Indianapolis Colts. He was given the boot after the 2022 season but quickly landed his feet with the Carolina Panthers. Surprisingly, owner David Tepper chose to give him the boot less than a year after hiring him, so Reich is officially a free agent.

It's hard to see Reich getting a head-coaching job in the NFL again, at least any time soon. However, he would be a solid choice for clubs in need of an offensive coordinator. Besides having experience coaching quarterbacks, arguably his fortè, he's also been a wide receivers coach.

Maybe Reich decides to take a year off and recharge batteries, but if the Jaguars came calling, he would be reunited in Jacksonville with Doug Pederson. You could argue that they found the most success in their respective careers when they worked together. And if the formula worked once, it can work twice, right?

Again, there are no indications that the Jaguars are moving on from Press Taylor, but if they do, Frank Reich should be among the top candidates to replace him.

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