3 reasons the Jacksonville Jaguars will make a deep playoff run

The season is not lost, there is hope in Jacksonville and for good reason.

Baltimore Ravens v Jacksonville Jaguars
Baltimore Ravens v Jacksonville Jaguars / Mike Carlson/GettyImages
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The Jacksonville Jaguars have been often disregarded and dismissed. However, they have shown signs of an impending resurgence since the end of the 2021 season. After back-to-back divisional wins and at 8-3, all of Duval was riding high, and the playoff couldn't come quick enough.

Unfortunately, the Jags' Super Bowl ship is sinking after three straight losses to tough AFC North opponents. Despite these obstacles, there are compelling reasons to believe that the tides are about to turn in favor of Jacksonville. All is not lost, BELIEVE! 

The Jaguars have three advantages that few teams can boast of, and I BELIEVE they can still make a deep playoff run.  

3. Coach Doug Pederson's Proven Playoff Prowess

The Jaguars have a secret weapon in their arsenal - their coach, Doug Pederson. Known for his ability to navigate the stressful and high-stakes environment of playoffs, Pederson could be the guiding light the Jaguars need in their quest to reach and win the AFC Championship.

Doug Pederson has a track record of success in the playoffs, having previously led the Philadelphia Eagles to a Super Bowl victory in 2017. His experience and ability to make strategic decisions under high-pressure situations make him an invaluable asset to the team. 

Coach Pederson's expertise extends beyond strategy and playbook knowledge. His leadership inspires confidence in the team, and his calm demeanor under pressure provides a sense of stability that can be crucial in high-stakes games.

Look back at that Super Bowl run by Pederson and the Eagles; they overcame a lot to come together at the end of the season to go on that historic run. Pederson with Trevor Lawrence can do it again; we just have to believe.