3 reasons to believe Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence will be the 2023 NFL MVP

Trevor Lawrence is quickly becoming one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL and here are three reasons he could be the league's MVP in 2023.

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Jacksonville Jaguars v Kansas City Chiefs
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Jacksonville Jaguars v Kansas City Chiefs / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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1. Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence's supporting cast can propel him to MVP heights

Next, let's talk about the supporting cast. The weapons at Lawrence's disposal — the receivers, running backs, and tight ends — need to be on point. In Jacksonville, the peripherals are stacked for him to thrive.

The Jaguars have the best array of offensive options in the NFL. Several teams can throw their names in the conversation, and most media outlets will tell you that San Francisco has the best collection of offensive weapons but the Jaguars' are deeper, more explosive, and more versatile.

Let's start with the running back room—Travis Etienne is a playmaking and game-changing back that disrupts a defense game plan. Etienne had 1,441 total yards and 14 total touchdowns; a comparable performance would be Christian McCafree's 1,880 total yards and 13 touchdowns for the Panthers and 49ers.

Etienne is going into just his second season of play this year and is only 24 years old; he is an underrated top-tier RB1.

As the No. 2 back, Tank Bigsby will be far more productive and provide adequate relief to Etienne while making defenses adjust to a new running threat.

Due to some miss management and poor drafting, instead of adding Dalton Kincaid, Sam Laporta, or Michael Mayer to create a dangerous two-headed monster at tight end, the Jaguars are going in with just Evan Engram.

Engram hauled in 76 catches for 766 yards in another bug contract year, and more red zone looks like he's a top-tier tight end going into 2023.

Lawrence's wide receiver corps is intriguing. Loaded with talent and speed, the combination of Zay Jones, Christian Kirk, and Calvin Ridley may quietly be the best trio in the NFL. They are interchangeable in offensive packages and will create mismatches constantly. Ridley has much to prove and will be a candidate for the come-back player of the year.

The defining factor that makes Jacksonville's offensive group so devastating is one everyone will overlook. Jamal Agnew. Capable of blowing games wide open and is a player opposing teams can not prepare for.

Agnew's unfortunate fumble in the playoffs against the Cheifs effectively ended the Jag's season last year. He will go into 2023 with that motivating him to be a Deebo Samuels-style playmaker and push Jaguars beyond expectations this year.

In short, Trevor Lawrence has an array of breakout playmakers with everything to prove going into 2023. He will not have to go far into his check-downs for completion this year. His completion percentage will go up, and his possession time before throws will go down, which is the final reason Lawrence could win the MVP.

The coaches, fans, and organizations believe entirely in him. The NFL wants to see him succeed and become a marketing asset and the face of football in London. His talented weapons trust in him and want to use him to elevate themselves to greatness. Why won't Trevor Lawrence be the MVP?

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