3 potential AFC South FAs not named Derek Henry the Jaguars should pursue in 2024

• Here are a few free agents the Jaguars could use in 2024 that currently reside in the AFC South

Pittsburgh Steelers v Indianapolis Colts
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It's not the end of the 2023 season for the Jacksonville Jaguars by any means. However, it may be time to look towards the future, with the Jags needing fresh talent to bolster their ranks. A strategic approach is to target potential free agents from AFC South rivals.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive look at three such players who could be game-changers for the Jaguars next year. There are three that make sense and could be assets and key additions through subtraction. Note: Derek Henry did not make the list despite being an unrestricted free agent in 2024. 

3. Arron Brewer, Center, Tennessee Titans

Arron Brewer, a stalwart of the Tennessee Titans, has been a crucial player in the team's offense. His agility and strength have consistently been on display, making him a valuable asset. Brewer's primary strength lies in his ability to read the defense and make quick, accurate adjustments. His impressive physical prowess, combined with his tactical acumen, makes him a formidable player.

Brewer is currently the No.10 ranked center on Pro Football Focus and has been touted as a target replacement for Jason Kelce in Philly should he retire. 

Brewer's addition to the Jaguars could significantly improve their overall offensive performance up front. His ability to create openings for running backs and provide protection for the quarterback could be pivotal in many future matches.

2. Michael Pittman Jr., Wide Receiver, Indianapolis Colts

Michael Pittman Jr. has been a key player for the Indianapolis Colts. His speed, agility, and ability to make difficult catches have made him a standout wide receiver.

Pittman's speed and athleticism make him a threat to any defense. His exceptional catching skills and ability to outmaneuver defenders make him a valuable offensive weapon. He will break 1000 yards for the third time in his four years in Indianapolis and crack 100 receptions this year as he sits at 99 with two games left.

While Pittman is not the break-out playmaker that Ridley can be, he is dependable and effective, with an average of 11.0 yards per catch and a career 67 percent catch rate on all his targets.

If the Jaguars move on from Calvin Ridley and keep their second-round pick, Pittman could be the big, reliable receiver the Jaguars need. Pittman's addition to the Jaguars could significantly boost their passing game. His speed and catching abilities could give the Jaguars' quarterback a reliable and talented receiver.

1. Sheldon Rankins, defensive tacke, Houston Texans

Sheldon Rankins has had a productive season for the Houston Texans, registering five sacks, the second-highest mark in his career. His robust defensive skills and ability to disrupt offensive plays make him valuable. Rankins' main strength lies in his ability to disrupt offensive lines and sack the quarterback. His physical strength, combined with his tactical knowledge, makes him a formidable defensive tackle.

Rankins' addition to the Jaguars could considerably bolster their defensive line. His ability to disrupt offensive plays and sack the quarterback could prove crucial in many tight games. 

Adding Rankins and drafting a project defensive tackle in the stacked 2024 draft, like Texas Longhorn T'Vondre Sweat or Byron Murphy in the third round, could be the answer to the Jaguars' interior defensive line woes this season.

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