3 Jacksonville Jaguars winners early in free-agency frenzy, 2 losers

• Here are 3 early winners, 2 losers after the Jaguars' early start to free agency.

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence (16) runs out of the tunnel to the field through
Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence (16) runs out of the tunnel to the field through / Bob Self/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY
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The Jacksonville Jaguars should feel good about themselves after the start of the tampering window. While they weren't able to secure kicker Wil Lutz, they managed to address many of their most pressing needs. The fact that they didn't have to overspend makes the most of the moves look even better.

The Jags could still make one or two more signings but even if they're done, there's no doubt they're in much better shape than they were at the end of the 2023 season. That said, some players and coaches benefited more than others from the moves the Jags made. With that in mind, here are three winners and two losers from the early stages of free agency.

Jaguars early winner of free agency No. 3: Riley Patterson

The Jags had tentatively agreed to a three-year deal with Wil Lutz before he backed down and returned to the Denver Broncos, where spent the 2023 season. That's one of the things of the tampering period. Contracts can be negotiated but they cannot be officially signed until free agency starts. This gives players the chance to change their minds.

Not long after Lutz re-signed with Denver, Brandon McManus, the Jaguars' kicker last year, joined the Washington Commanders on a one-year deal, leaving Riley Patterson as the only kicker under contract in Jacksonville.

Patterson was the Jags' kicker in 2022 but they traded him to the Detriot Lions last year to pave the way for McManus. He was eventually waived and spent a few games with the Cleveland Browns late in the season.

Once the year ended, the Jags re-signed Patterson to a future deal. The Jaguars could eventually try out a veteran kicker or draft one but for the time being, Petterson sits at the top of the depth chart.