Jacksonville Jaguars: Lawrence’s preseason debut and 6 observations

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence #16. (Matt Pendleton-USA TODAY Sports)
Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence #16. (Matt Pendleton-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Quarterback Gardner Minshew #15 of the Jacksonville Jaguars (Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports) /

After spending several months making changes to the roster, the Jacksonville Jaguars finally took the field and faced the Cleveland Browns in Week 1 of the 2021 NFL preseason. The Jags ended up losing 13-23. Although it won’t count in the standings, it highlighted several things the coaching staff needs to work on over the next few weeks.

Without further ado, here are a few takeaways from the Jaguars’ loss to the Browns.

1. Trevor Lawrence made his preseason debut. 

For a moment, it looked like Gardner Minshew was going to start the game but the coaching staff threw a curveball at everyone and Trevor Lawrence ultimately got the nod. All things considered, it was a pretty solid debut. Although he was sacked on his very first play, he went on to complete five of nine passes for 71 yards. He didn’t enjoy optimal protection but he acknowledged that he may have held the ball too long and might have been responsible for the takedown.

Head coach Urban Meyer echoed Lawrence’s assessment and said during halftime that the rookie passer held the ball a little bit a couple of times. Later, the quarterback told the local media he felt like he was setting in as the game went on. He noted that there are things they need to clean up but believes that it was a pretty good day. All things considered, it was a solid debut and the Jaguars could name Lawrence the starter at any time. Speaking of…

2. There should be no doubt Gardner Minshew is the quarterback. 

That’s right. Just a few days ago, Meyer said there was a quarterback competition taking place at Dream Finders Homes Practice Complex but the Jags’ first preseason made it clear that Gardner Minshew will be the number-two quarterback. The 2019 sixth-round selection went 4-of-8 for 47 yards with no touchdowns. Moreover, he averaged 5.9 yards per attempt while Lawrence averaged 7.9.