What former Jaguars safety does rookie Andre Cisco resemble?

Defensive back Andre Cisco #7 (Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports)
Defensive back Andre Cisco #7 (Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Jacksonville Jaguars filled yet another void on that abysmal 2020 defense when they drafted safety Andre Cisco in this year’s selection meeting. However, is that all the former Orange has to offer? A hole filler? Fans certainly hope that wasn’t the thought going into this pick, especially at 65th overall.

After watching some of his college on-field performances during his three years at Syracuse, it is clear that Cisco has the tools to be a starter on Day 1. Some may think that the safety was overdrafted in the third round due to an ACL injury which cut short his 2020 season but that’s not the case when you take his college production and skillset into consideration.

Cisco stands 6’1” tall and weighs 216 pounds, the prototype size for the safety position. Also, his game stats are far from average. In only 24 games, he amassed 136 total tackles, 94 of those solo. Factor in his 13 interceptions and 14 passes defensed, Cisco is a proven game-changer.

So was he overdrafted? Nah, he’s more like a round-three steal! The New York native is a magnet to the ball, with the defense being far more dangerous with him on the field. Jaguars’ fans are certainly hoping for a full recovery. There’s another safety from Syracuse who played in Jacksonville as well.

Which former Jacksonville Jaguars player does Andre Cisco match up with?

The ringer of bells. The bringer of pain! Standing 6’1” tall and weighing 225 pounds, Donovin Darius was a wrecking ball of a safety for nine years in Jacksonville. If you didn’t already know, please see the video below.

Drafted 25th overall in 1998, Darius racked up 618 total tackles in 115 games for the Jags. Known for being a ruthless tackler, he often found himself on the wrong side of penalty flags as he was once fined $75,000 by the NFL for a violent “clothesline” tackle which resulted in temporary paralysis and a trip to the hospital for former Packers wide receiver Robert Ferguson. That was one of 24 penalties against him with only 18 accepted by opposing teams. As violent as he was, Darius was a problem for opposing offenses, whether it was a run or pass play.

The position of safety on an NFL team is critical. Considering the recent lackluster play of the Jaguars’ defense, Cisco is certainly a welcome addition to the team. He joins a very young defensive secondary in a city that is in dire need of a defensive revolution.

Will Cisco be the Jags’ next Donovin Darius? Fans certainly hope so. Wide receivers in the AFC South better fasten those chin straps. Cisco is here to bring some hurt and the Jaguars’ fans are here for it! Next week’s comparison will be no LITTLE task as we continue looking forward by “looking back” on another great former Jaguars player.

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