Sleeper options at quarterback the Jaguars should draft for the future

DETROIT, MICHIGAN - NOVEMBER 30: Tyree Jackson #3 of the Buffalo Bulls throws a first half pass while playing the Northern Illinois Huskies during the MAC Championship at Ford Field on November 30, 2018 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
DETROIT, MICHIGAN - NOVEMBER 30: Tyree Jackson #3 of the Buffalo Bulls throws a first half pass while playing the Northern Illinois Huskies during the MAC Championship at Ford Field on November 30, 2018 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

With Nick Foles as the starting quarterback, what sleeper quarterback, could the Jaguars draft as a backup and mold to be the future starter?

Nick Foles will be the starting Quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars next season after signing a four-year, $88 million contract. Blake Bortles has done a lot for the community, and as a man, he will be remembered for his class and humor. Now the BOAT has set sail,  and with Bortles departure leaves opportunities for a backup role. Could the Jaguars find someone for the future in the NFL Draft?

Cody Kessler is still slated as the backup, however, there is a chance that the Jaguars would like to draft a quarterback who could compete for that backup role, and eventually be molded into the starting quarterback.

With the signing of Foles, it is more than likely that the Jaguars will not draft a Quarterback in the first or second day of this year’s draft. Instead, they will look to fill holes in other positions, especially after releasing three starters to clear up cap space for Foles. Finding a wide receiver is very important for Jacksonville.

It is more than likely they will look to replace starters Tashaun Gipson and Jeremy Parnell as well. Abry Jones is set to start following the release of Malik Jackson, but perhaps Jacksonville will look to replace him with a new interior lineman.

That being said, there may be talent at quarterback late in the draft. Perhaps Foles is the immediate answer, but the Jags could look elsewhere for their signal caller of the future. Dak Prescott fourth-round round pick by the Dallas Cowboys, and he just lead them to the playoffs once again.

Kirk Cousins was a fourth round pick as well, and he has been having success in the NFL.

Of course, who can forget Tom Brady, who went from sixth round pick to six-time Super Bowl champion for the New England Patriots. Here are a few options Jacksonville may look to draft at QB on day three of this years NFL Draft.

Tyree Jackson – QB Buffalo: – Measurements: 6-7, 245 lbs, ran a 4.59 at the Combine. Projected Round: 4-7

Pros: Tyree Jackson has fantastic size, at 6-7 and 245 lbs. He could see over the offensive line easily and is a big man, but combine that size with very good speed and Tyree is would pose a challenge to tackle. He isn’t a scrambling quarterback, but he does have the ability to tuck and run if a hole opens.

When looking at his ability as a passer it is impossible to ignore his arm strength. He can really zip the ball into a tight space and stretch the field with such a powerful arm.

Cons: Accuracy is his downfall, Jackson doesnt throw with accuracy consistently enough. If he did, he would be a first round pick. He never faced stellar competition last season, but he completed only 55.3 percent of his passes, which isn’t terrible but needs to be improved.

When running he has a tendency to carry the ball low, with one hand which could lead to fumbles. His footwork on his needs improvement as well, this could also help with his accuracy.

Why he fits: Pair the strong arm of Jackson with the blazing speed of Dede Westrook and it is a lethal combination. He does a good job of scrambling when the play breaks down, and keeps his eyes down the field.

He will need some coaching but Jacksonville has receivers who like to go deep.

A quarterback who can extend the play and allow those receivers more time to get open downfield would be fantastic for the future of the Jaguars.

Trace McSorley – QB Penn State – Measurements: 6-0, 202 lbs, ran a 4.57 at the Combine. Projected Round: 5-7

Pros: Toughness and leadership skills are something that every franchise looks for in their Quarterback. Trace McSorley is the definition of those, time after time he put his body on the line for the good of his team.

His smaller frame didn’t deter him from establishing contact. He is athletic rushing for 798 yards and 12 touchdowns last season. He isn’t just a scrambling quarterback however, he has the ability to throw with accuracy and strength but isn’t elite in either category.

Cons: If Jackson is the ideal size for an NFL quarterback, then McSorley is on the other end of that spectrum. His play significantly dipped from 2017 to 2018, dropping from a 66.5 completion percentage to a 53.2 completion percentage.

He doesn’t have the arm strength that wows and won’t be able to push the ball down the field with consistency.

Why he fits: Leadership translate to any team, and having a leader as tough and competitive as Trace McSorley will have an impact on the entire roster. He has a decent arm, if given good coaching its good enough to grow into a starting role. He is an athletic Quarterback who is very capable of making plays with his legs.

In a west coast style offense, Trace McSorley would probably fit best, but his toughness will make him a good target for Jacksonville.

Kyle Shurmur – QB Vanderbilt – Measurements: 6-4, 225 lbs, ran a 4.91 at the Combine. Projected Round: 6 – 7

Pros: Shurmur is the son of NFL coach Pat Shurmur, which means that he has a knowledge of the game. Kyle Shurmur understands his limitations and won’t force unnecassary throws. He has played against tough SEC competition in a pro style offense.

He has very good size for an NFL quarterback.

Cons: He doesnt have a powerful arm, he wont be able to throw the ball deep down field, or expose tight windows with laser throws. He has a tendency to throw the ball off of his back foot, especially when pressure is in his face.

When he does this, the ball sails a bit or hangs in the air.

Why he fits: A coaches son, Shurmur has all the tools to be an NFL signal caller, he just hasn’t put them all together yet. He has very good size, and flashes the ability to make tough throws. He has average arm strength for an NFL quarterback, and with the right coaching, he could turn into an NFL starter with time.

Jarrett Stidham – QB Auburn – Measurements: 6-3, 215 lbs, 4.81 at the Combine. Projected Round: 4- 7

Pros: Stidham is at reading the field, and very good in play action. Jarrett Stidham is athletic enough to make plays with his feet. He puts good touch on his passes, and is able to spread the field very well.

His footwork and mechanics are all very good, and was very good inside of the pocket. Auburn didn’t have a very good offense this year, but that wasn’t on Jarrett. The offensive line play and receivers were sub-par to say the least.

Cons: Not very accurate on deep throws down the field. Needs to read the field better, looks a little indecisive at times.

Will wait for a receiver to get to his spot, instead of anticipating where he will be. When faced with a blitz he doesn’t make smart throws, instead will force throws to covered receivers of secondary players baiting him.

Why he fits: Just like all the rising rookies on this list Stidham will need plenty of coaching, however, his mechanics are all there and he is good at the play-action pass.

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If Jacksonville wishes to continue the style of running the ball down the defenses throat, a quarterback who can throw on the run off of play action is important to have.