The Jacksonville Jaguars defeat the Los Angeles Chargers in an overtime game

SAN DIEGO, CA - SEPTEMBER 18: Philip Rivers
SAN DIEGO, CA - SEPTEMBER 18: Philip Rivers /

The Jacksonville Jaguars played and won an epic battle against the Los Angeles Chargers. First and foremost  the Jaguars needed a win to keep up with the Tennessee Titans in the AFC South division.  The fourth quarter and overtime had highs and lows, ups and downs, great moments and ridiculous moments.

The Jaguars overcame adversity to win a must-win game.  The first three quarters dragged a bit but the fourth quarter and overtime thrilled football fans of all varieties.  The TV announcers called the game with enthusiasm and obvious excitement.  The men in teal overcame many obstacles to win the game.

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First the offense got nothing going throughout the game. Next, several silly penalties at critical times hurt the Jags.  The Jags kicked the tying and winning field goals despite losing their long snapper.

The offense struggled the entire game

First the Jaguars offense played poorly the entire game.  To begin, there was no running game. The Chargers stacked the box and dared the Jags to run.  They ran with little success.  In addition, the offensive line did not run or pass block effectively.  Also the passing game was erratic.  However Blake Bortles played with heart and hustle.  It was obvious that Gus Bradley, the defensive coordinator for the Chargers and former coach of the Jaguars, had an excellent defensive plan.

Silly penalties could have lost the game

Next A.J. Bouye and Tevin Smith committed unsportsmanlike conduct penalties at critical points. Penalties can cost games and these were not hustle penalties. As winners the Jaguars must rise above this immature behavior.  Winners don’t need to show off.  Actually winning is it’s own reward.

The field goal kicker came through in the end

Finally Josh Lambo had his revenge and won the game.  He had been cut by the Chargers.  Not only that he was attempting a kick with a brand new long snapper.  Amazingly he had kicks that tied the game and won the game.

This was a game for the ages

To begin, this game allowed the Jaguars to remain tied with the Titans for the lead in the AFC South division.  Also, the Jags won a game in overtime.  In addition, the defense played solid the entire game despite being on the field way too long.  This game will increase fan excitement and bring additional national attention to the Jags.  Must say this…SO PROUD OF MY JAGUARS!!!!