Why Did Jacksonville Sign Ryan Nassib After Cutting Brandon Allen?

NEW ORLEANS, LA - AUGUST 31: Ryan Nassib
NEW ORLEANS, LA - AUGUST 31: Ryan Nassib /

The Jacksonville Jaguars have signed Ryan Nassib as a backup quarterback, so do they think he’s better than Brandon Allen?

The Jacksonville Jaguars surprised everyone by cutting third team quarterback Brandon Allen.  Consequently, after two games, the Jaguars decide to sign a third team quarterback again.  What is the difference between Ryan Nassib and Allen?

Nassib played for Doug Marrone at Syracuse University.  Tom Coughlin drafted Nassib in the 2013 New York Giants draft.  As a result, there is familiarity between the three.  Nassib has played for both Marrone and Coughlin.

Mike Kaye of firstcoastnews.com reports Marrone discussing adding Nassib to the roster.

"“I mean, you’d like to be able to come out and say, ‘No, [familiarity] didn’t [impact the signing],’ but it’s hard to overcome the practice habits, the work ethic and things like that that you know,” Marrone said. “At the end of the day, we felt like we did get the best person for the team from a standpoint of what we feel is an ability to be in that position.”"

Allen did not played a regular season down for Jacksonville.  Most of all, he did not get an opportunity to be the starting quarterback.  Do you think Nassib will get the chance?

How has Nassib performed in the NFL?  He has completed nine out of ten passes for 128 yards and one touchdown.  He has not seen the field since 2015.

At this point there is really no significant difference between Allen and Nassib.  Familiarity with Marrone and Coughlin are Nassib’s deciding factor.  So why was Nassib signed if Bortles is the starter, no matter what?

Michael DiRocco of espn.com reports:

"Nassib wasn’t signed to compete with Blake Bortles and Chad Henne to be the starting quarterback. Coach Doug Marrone said Nassib is injury insurance because Bortles has been dealing with a sore right wrist through the first two weeks of the season."

While the company line is Bortles’ wrist injury, there is also a good chance the team wants a viable number 2 in case they end up benching Bortles. If Bortles gets the boot, the Jaguars need to be able to keep him off the field to avoid paying his fifth year option (injury guaranteed).

Nassib probably will not see the field in London or any time soon.  Jacksonville should have kept Allen, but there’s a pretty good chance the Jaguars expected Allen to clear waivers and land on the practice squad. Either way, the Jaguars miscalculated their quarterback depth chart and the Nassib signing appears to be a panic move.  Let’s see how it all plays out.  Go Jaguars!