13-Year Old Jaguars Fan Receives the Surprise of a Lifetime


It’s stories like these that have me convinced that the Jacksonville Jaguars have one of the best fanbases in the NFL

13-year old Steven Wymer of Toledo, Ohio was diagnosed with a medical issue that gave him “tourette’s-like” symptoms when he was only four years old. However, Steven didn’t let his struggles slow him down from becoming an A-B student, a bass player, a reptile enthusiast, and most importantly, one of the biggest Jacksonville Jaguars fans around.

Steven’s favorite player on the Jaguars was fourth year wide receiver Marqise Lee. Him and his father worked hard to get tickets to go see the Jaguars take on the Lions in Detroit last November. It was in this game where he saw one of Marqise Lee‘s greatest plays of the season; a jump ball to Lee in the back corner of the end-zone over Lions cornerback Darius Slay, which resulted in a Jacksonville Jaguars Touchdown. Even though the Jaguars ended up losing the game, Steven had a memorable experience.

After the game, Steven and his dad waited outside of the Jacksonville Jaguars team bus, with the hopes to catch Marqise Lee on his way out, and maybe get an autograph or a picture with him. After waiting for several hours in the rain and the cold, Steven did manage to get to meet some players and get a couple of autographs, but unfortunately Lee was not among them.

Fast forward a few months later, it was in a Jaguars fan page on Facebook known as “Forever Jaguars” where Gage Enright learned of Steven Wymer’s story. Gage, an avid Jaguars fan and collector of Jaguars memorabilia, reached out to Steven’s father and said he had something for Steven. Steven’s father was expecting a couple of cards, or maybe a photo. They had no idea what they were about to receive. After another week or so, they received a package in the mail. Steven Wymer opened it to find an Authentic NFL issued, autographed Marqise Lee Jersey.

“Gage, you put a huge smile on my sons face today man. I’m blessed to have friends like you in this community. We have to make it to a game up north so I can shake your hand for this dude. Go Jags!!”

The fact that a fan went out of his way to give such a valuable piece of memorabilia to someone like that is a truly humble and amazing thing. Two people united through one thing – their love for the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jacksonville Jaguars have one of the best families around.

In the recent months, Steven’s health condition has been overall improving drastically, as some new testing has shown that his condition is different from his original diagnosis. With a few more doses of medication, his symptoms are pretty much nonexistent, his father says. “You can see a little more joy in him on a daily basis”.

Props to you Gage, we need more stories like this one out there.