Brandon Allen to battle Chad Henne for backup role

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 01: Brandon Allen
ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 01: Brandon Allen /

Brandon Allen is entering his second season as a Jacksonville Jaguar.  Allen must distance himself from Chad Henne to win back up quarterback role.

Brandon Allen enters training camp trying to move past Chad Henne on the depth chart.  In his first season, Allen was inactive for all the Jacksonville Jaguars regular season games.  Allen must shine in the preseason in order to be the back up to Blake Bortles.

The starting quarterback job is Bortles to lose. However, Jacksonville picked up his fifth year option.  Seems like the Jaguars are going over and above to keep Bortles as the starter.

Bortles replaced Henne in 2014 to become the signal caller.  Henne has been on the sideline and played one down since his demotion.  Henne signed a one year contract this off season.

Jacksonville drafted Allen in 2016 in the sixth round.  He saw some action in preseason games.  Hopefully, he gets an opportunity to become Bortles back up.

What Brandon Allen Brings To The Jaguars Offense

First, Allen is more athletic than Henne and Bortles.  He had a quicker time in the 40 at the combine.  At 6 foot two and 214 pounds, he should be able to elude the pass rush better than the others.

Next, he showed statistical improvement each year in college.  His draft profile reports:

"Showed substantial growth as field leader and play­maker. Comfortable under center and is effective on bootlegs and rollouts. Completion percentage jumped from 56 percent in 2014 to 66 percent this year. Outstanding 64 percent rate on intermediate throws. Good catch­-and­-run ball placement on crossing routes. Sneaky arm talent."

Remember that Bortles replaced an ineffective Henne as a rookie.  Bortles has not improved from season to season.  Are you aware that he actually regressed in 2016?

Finally, every Jaguars fan knows Henne and Bortles and what to expect from them.  Allen is the big unknown.  Allen deserves the chance to replace Henne as the back up and to eventually, possibly be the starting quarterback in Jacksonville.