2015 NFL Mock Draft: Jags Go Kevin White


2015 NFL Mock Drafts just took a dramatic shift over at NFL Mocks. Trades abound, but the Jacksonville Jaguars and sit calmly at three overall and take who they desire.

After free agency, that changes a little bit. Per Erik Lambert, it may be time for the Jaguars to consider a wide receiver. Kevin White out of West Virginia.

Let’s see what he had to say:

"Gus Bradley is a defensive maestro but his future as a head coach rests in the hands of Blake Bortles. The Jacksonville Jaguars have to arm their quarterback. That means giving him a size-speed freak like Kevin White to throw to."

You really can’t argue with that. But we’re going to try anyway.

Getting a player like White is great. He put up 1447 yards last year from 109 receptions, so you know he can produce. He also found the end zone 10 times.

That’s the kind of massive production the Jags offense would love to rely on. It’s the kind of production that the Jags saw in Justin Blackmon (albeit, over two seasons in a row) and really needed (and still need).

Kevin White could very well be the player that Blake Bortles needs to be best friends with. That size-speed freak is 6’3″ and 209, that’s a great target for a young quarterback. Yet, I don’t see him bringing anything new to the Jags.

The Jaguars already have Allen Hurns who is 6’3″ and 195 and has proven that he can outmuscle defenders to get the ball and to outrun them. He’s a home run threat every time the Jags lob the ball his way. Would White just be a better Hurns? How do you measure Hurns’ progression if you give reps to your new, shiny top-3 wide receiver?

I understand the desire for the Jaguars to draft a wide receiver early in the draft. I understand the need for a proven wideout. White, while deservedly in discussions as a top pick, doesn’t seem like a bigger improvement at wide receiver than a pass rusher would be at defensive end/LEO for the Jaguars. I like the 2015 NFL Mock Draft from Lambert, I’m just not seeing it right now.