2015 NFL Draft: Jacksonville Jaguars Will Trade Down


The Jacksonville Jaguars are interested in getting out of the top 3 in the 2015 NFL Draft and are available for teams to trade with.

This is a wise move for GM Dave Caldwell and I believe it will result in exactly what he is hoping: a trade down opportunity for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Right now there are two top quarterbacks in the 2015 NFL Draft in Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota. There are plenty of teams in desperate need of a quarterback picking behind the Jacksonville Jaguars and with Blake Bortles firmly cemented as “the guy” going forward for the Jags, they have no reason to sit in the third overall position.

So, for now, they are letting everyone know that if Mariota or Winston make it out of the first to spots, the Jags are more than willing to move back.

But being willing to move back doesn’t mean that it will happen.

The Jags must carefully balance the needs of other teams in their minds as the prepare for the draft. They must note how Winston and Mariota are valued by teams in the buildup to the draft. Further, they must leverage the fact that the third overall pick is where another team wants to be if they want to land a QB.

With two quarterback needy teams picking early in the draft – the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tennessee Titans – hopes that they may pass on a quarterback should be relatively low. But stranger things have happened and both of those teams have other holes to address as well. The bigger question mark has got to be the Titans who have an intriguing prospect in former late rounder Zach Mettenberger, who played rather well when given the opportunity last season.

If one of the top two QBs are still available at three, expect the Jags to get some extra picks in the 2015 NFL Draft.