Randy Gregory to the Jacksonville Jaguars?


Randy Gregory is one of the premier pass rush options in the 2015 NFL Draft class. He’ll have to show he continues to deserve to belong in that discussion in the 2015 NFL Draft Scouting Combine in just a week, but until then he’s up there with Leonard Williams as a top prospect.

But, let’s be honest, he’s not going to drop too far down anytime soon.

In Bleacher Report’s latest mock, the Jacksonville Jaguars miss out on Williams because he goes number two overall. Instead, the team lands Randy Gregory.

Here’s what writer Michael Schottey had to say:

"The Jaguars could use so many things on the offensive side of the ball (especially on the line), but head coach Gus Bradley was hired to instill some Seattle Seahawks-style defense, and his team doesn’t have nearly enough horses on the pass rush to be anywhere close.Gregory is ridiculously raw at this point and needs to add weight, but his upside as an elite perimeter pass-rusher is unparalleled in this class. Although he can get swallowed up by bigger blockers (see: Wisconsin) and likely will at the next level as well, he’s also adept in run defense.He’ll need a talented coach to engineer sacks in his first couple of seasons, and that’s Bradley all the way."

I’m going to hold out on Gregory until after the combine, largely because I worry the guy will do exactly what Schottey notes: get swallowed up by bigger blockers. That requires a lot scheming to get a raw talent to perform well. If the Jags are gambling on a raw talent, he better find ways to win intuitively.

That said, Gregory definitely seems dynamic and could very well become a premier pass rusher in the NFL. Walter Football notes that Gregory has been well coached thus far and will come in with a full repertoire of moves to use on opposing linemen. Coming from Nebraska, I would expect nothing less of their top-flight pass rusher.

At 6’6″ and just 240 pounds, however, I want to see a bigger, faster, stronger Gregory in the NFL.

It’s a good thing strength and conditioning coaches at this level will be able to help him get where he needs to be.

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