Oakland Raiders Catch Up to the Jags Again


The Oakland Raiders won again in week 14, putting down the San Francisco 49ers in what was a winnable game for Jim Harbaugh’s team. While some think it may have been a tryout for the team to lure Harbaugh out to Oakland next season, this game’s larger impact will likely be on the draft order.

The Raiders now join the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Tennessee Titans, New York Jets, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 2-11.

The Raiders had previously caught up to the Jags after securing their first victory. The Jags thankfully distanced themselves with win number two last week but couldn’t follow up on the performance to put more space between themselves and the first pick.

Things are all up in the air for the teams in the cellar of the NFL. The Jags have failed to prove themselves better than their peers all season. In fact, the Oakland Raiders seem to be putting things together while the Jags, Titans, Bucs, and Jets all flounder further.

Hopefully Gus Bradley will be able to right the ship for the Jaguars and manage to get at least a win or two more in the final three weeks of the season. They are currently two wins behind last year’s 4-12 record. The Raiders are in the same boat, hoping to salvage a couple of wins to finish a third season in a row at 4-12.

Meanwhile, the Jaguars are building around Bradley and his leadership while the Raiders are limping through the season under Tony Sparano.

As a Jags fan, I hope that both teams can dig themselves out of the hole. However, I still want to stay ahead of the Raiders this season. Next year the two teams should be


better but for now they remain barometers of each other’s inability to win games.