Breaking Down The Jaguars’ Seven Selections


Is there anyone else out  there who just can’t seem to get enough draft information, speculation and mocks? I know around this time of year I just can’t stop researching, reading, and watching college highlights. I don’t claim to an “expert,” I’m not a “scout,” and I’m terrible with numbers. I’m just a guy, just like you, who loves the NFL.

A site I highly recommend is Every week they offer fantastic mock drafts with great information. I check out this site whenever I can, seeing who they have the Jaguars selecting. This week I’m going to be breaking down their picks, seeing how they fit, and basically just shooting the breeze on all things draft related.

This week drafttek has the Jaguars selecting DE Dion Jordan in the first round. I have absolutely no complaints with this pick seeing as how he could quite possibly be the best pass rusher in the draft. Jordan put on a show at the combine and his tape more than shows why he could be the 2nd overall pick. You don’t draft a guy for what he did in college though. You draft him for what he could be in the NFL. Jordan offers that rare breed of athleticism that makes great pass rushers what they are and fits the now famous LEO position in Bradley’s defense. Could he boast double digit sacks as a rookie? I think he could, yeah. I’m just as interested in how he would affect our defensive line. Could he open up more opportunity for players like Jason Babin, Jeremy Mincey, and Andre Branch? If Jordan is everything he is advertised, you could see our entire defensive line get more involved in the action.

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In the second round, we selected RT DJ Fluker from Alabama. Draft information is like a roller coaster. Just today Fluker has been reported as a “real possibility” for Miami. I’m not sure he garners the No. 12 overall selection, but it’s becoming more and more evident that Fluker is being regarded as a 1st round talent. I do have my doubts with Fluker. I don’t know how he would do in a zone blocking scheme and he tends to get heavy-footed at times. Nevertheless if he slides to the 33, this would be a no brainer. He would step in immediately and become the bookend tackle Eben Britton never panned out to be.

CB Leon McFadden from San Diego State was selected in the 3rd round. This is an interesting pick. First and foremost, this is a deep class of DBs and you can find starting calibre CBs well into the 3rd round this year. It looks as if that’s exactly what this mock has in store for Jacksonville. McFadden didn’t play at a big time program, but he has good instincts and is good at tracking the ball and can play zone or man. He’s a little on the small side standing at 5’10” and 190 lbs., so bigger receivers could give him trouble. You can read more about him here. Now speaking of his stature, it’s been thoroughly documented over and over and over not only here but on other Jaguars sites that Bradley prefers to have big physical corners. Do I think McFadden fits this profile? No I do not, and I don’t believe McFadden would be an option in the 3rd. I believe that McFadden can excel as a nickel corner at the next level, but I don’t believe he has a place in Bradley’s system if we’re only looking at “big, physical corners.”

RB Andre Ellington from Clemson is one of the top RB prospects in the draft, and Jacksonville gets him in the 4th. Ellington would be a great addition to a backfield that currently boasts MJD and recently signed RB Justin Forsett. Ellington pulled his hamstring at the combine during his 40, but on March 29th he ran a 4.51 at his pro day. He surpassed 1,000 rushing the past two years at Clemson, but as stated earlier you draft for what they can do-not what they’ve already done. He’s described as “fluid” and “elusive” which is something the Jaguars could use. After seeing the disaster that was the run game last season, I’m not at all against drafting a RB, especially one like Ellington.

DT Bennie Logan of LSU is selected in the 5th. With this pick the Jaguars continue their now complete renovation of the interior defensive line. Just a few weeks ago I saw Logan go as high as the 3rd. ‘Tis the nature of draft season. Logan isn’t necessarily one of the top DT talents in the 2013 draft, but the DT class is deep this year. Logan could quite possibly come in and beat out Jerome Long, Jeris Pendleton and compete with D’Anthony Smith for a rotational role. Logan adds depth to a roster that now consists of 2010 1st rounder DT Tyson Alualu and 2013 FA acquistions DT Roy Miller and DT Sen’Derricks Marks.

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In the 6th round the Jaguars selected OLB DeVonte Holloman. The Jaguars need faster LBs, and Holloman offers just that. I’m not very familiar with his combine numbers, but I do know this kid started some games at South Carolina at safety before moving permanently to linebacker. In the 4-3, the OLBs better be able to run. Holloman runs a 4.71 standing at 6’2 and weighing 243 lbs. which isn’t spectacular but it is solid. In the 6th round, you can do a lot worse than Holloman. Now am I saying he’s going to be a superstar? No. Could he add depth while immediately contributing on special teams? I think so.

RB Dennis Johnson is selected in the 7th round during this particular mock. Drafttek categorizes some running backs as “RBF” and others as “RBC”. RBC is a designation for “running back change of pace” which is what Ellington was listed as. Johnson is listed as “RBF” or “running back full” which means he could take on the more complete responsibilities of an every down back. Once you get this late in the draft, you’re looking for depth or maybe a player that has something special about him. Selecting a RB in the 7th after selecting one in the 4th and signing another one in free agency seems a bit redundant, but then again our backfield was a mess last year and Jacksonville needs as many capable backs as possible just in case the unthinkable happens again…

These picks are not just darts being thrown. At Drafttek, a full 7 round mock draft is posted every week and it’s pretty neat to see the ever changing horizon that is the landscape of the draft. So in today’s mock the Jags selected a DE, RT, CB, RB, DT, 4-3 OLB, and another RB. What about safety? What about guard? What about TE depth? Can McFadden start at corner? We know Alan Ball can’t, he’s been a reserve his entire career. But look at what the Jags DID get in this mock…they got the top pass rusher, a starting right tackle, more depth for the defensive line and more running backs.

The Jaguars simply need too much to cover all of their needs this year, but as a wise man once told me-“don’t look at what you don’t have. look at what you do have.” According to this mock, I’d be pretty satisfied.

-David R. Johns