Why Sen’Derrick Marks?


Oct 28, 2012; Nashville, TN, USA; Tennessee Titans defensive tackle Sen

Sen’Derrick Marks carries a stink about him.  There seems to be something about this guy we just don’t know.  The Tennessee Titans drafted him high in 2009 with the 62nd pick and quickly soured on him.  He is always listed as their 2009 draft mistake.  Instead of re-signing him, Tennessee went out and spent a bit of money fixing their defensive line. Tennessee gave Sammy Hill $4 million in guaranteed money and another $1 million to Ropati Pitoitua.  They also re-signed Keyunta Dawson, a last round draft choice in 2007, for $750,000.  It looks like they clearly did not want Sen’Derrick Marks back.

You would think a starting defensive tackle in free agency would draw some interest. It doesn’t look like Sen’Derrick drew much.  The Jaguars didn’t have to fight very hard to get him.  No disrespect to the Jaguars but when a sub-.500 team lets you go and your best option is an even worse team, you are not a hot property.  Sen’Derrick Marks was making about $700,000 with the Titans and I would guess he is about a $1 million Jaguar salary guy.

So why Sen’Derrick Marks to the Jaguars? Why not keep CJ Mosley or fight for Terrance Knighton at that dollar amount? What makes Sen’Derrick Marks appealing? Here are my thoughts:

If you want to increase your value as a player, you go to a team that you have a chance to start. Well, that is being kind; you go wherever they will take you. You fight your butt off to make a name for yourself. You sign a one year contract and do whatever it takes to make it a good year. You prove it was the Titans that screwed up, not you. You get revenge.

"“Jacksonville was a team I was trained basically to hate. I am so ready for this.”"

Why Sen’Derrick Marks? Because sometimes guys just grow up and get it. Maybe Sen’Derrick has a new found fire and Gus Bradley knows how to put that to good use. I don’t know, you tell me. Make sense?

– Terry O’Brien