Jaguars Free Agency 2013: Three Defensive Tackles To Target


I personally believe that the Jacksonville Jaguars will draft a defensive tackle in the first three rounds in order to bolster a mediocre unit, but if the Jags take a gander at free agency, they are apt to find some pieces that could match up well with their scheme.  Terrance Knighton could be walking in free agency so it makes sense that the Jaguars at least shop around for a fitting player to work into the rotation with C.J. Mosley and Tyson Alualu or possibly replace them.

Here are some guys I think the Jags should take a look at:

Sammie Lee Hill

  • 2012 Team: Detroit Lions
  • Why: Hill is a starting caliber defensive tackle buried on the Lions’ roster.  He is capable of collapsing the pocket and being a strong run defender.  If the Jaguars are looking for someone who will push Mosley and Alualu and possibly replace them, Hill would be their man.  Hill will be looking for starting player money, however, but for  a position that could use some upgrades, it may be worth it.  He is young enough to grow with the team.

Desmond Bryant’s beautiful mugshot

  • 2012 Team:  Oakland Raiders
  • Why: Besides having a hideous mug shot, the Jacksonville Jaguars are reportedly interested in Bryant.  Bryant may be more expensive than he initially seems.  He would be a dominant force for the Jaguars but is also drawing a lot of interest from other teams.  If the Jags do end up spending serious money on a player in free agency, Bryant could be worth it.  Like Hill, Bryant, 27, could grow with the team and be a force in the middle of the defensive line.  A player like Bryant would instantly make the job of the outside pass rushers easier.

Chris Canty

  • 2012 Team: New York Giants
  • Why: Another player the Jaguars are interested in, Canty is a versatile defensive lineman who can slide to defensive end if the Jaguars need him to.  He has played at a high level at times and above average through most of his career.  The Giants released him and he immediately drew interest from teams.  He can have some up and down games, but most of the time Canty plays at a level that is higher than Jaguar incumbents.

– Luke N. Sims

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