Do Any Jacksonville Jaguars Free Agents Deserve To Stay?


With Caldwell hired, he’ll have a lot of roster analysis to do. There are quite a few decisions to make regarding several of the Jaguars’ free agents.

Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Going 2-14, one would think that it’s time to just “cut everyone” as some angry torch-wielding fans cry deep into the night, but after looking at the list of free agents, I’m not so sure. There are a few players slated to hit the open market that I think deserve a second look. There are also a few players who are on the bubble as to whether or not we should let them hit the road.

I’m not going to waste your time. I’m not going to make a case for Antwaun Molden or Steve Vallos or any midseason pick up made to account for all of the injuries this team yet again experienced. Well…maybe two…

  • Kyle Bosworth: Bosworth had a prime opportunity to make a case for himself with Daryl Smith missing practically all of the season. Bosworth was one of Gene Smith’s several UDFA pick ups. He was signed after the 2010 draft. He’s proven to be nothing more than a backup, and not even a “solid but not spectacular” back up. I was expecting more from Bosworth. Instead we got the dreaded interception fumble.
  • Eben Britton: How many times was this guy benched? Definitely time to move on.
  • John Chick: This is a hard one, and it’s not a decision I’d like to make. The pass rush suffered, but was it because of guys like John Chick? Chick spent much of the season on the PUP list, and once he did get in the game it was obvious he had missed time. However, in 2011 he was coming on strong and widely considered to be a “guy to watch.” Could Chick still be a good pass rushing, rotational defensive lineman? He’s still somewhat of a question mark. He’s definitely affordable.
  • Derek Cox: Hands down the best corner on the team. Injuries are a major concern, but with his level of talent can you really afford to let him walk? Keep him!
  • Terrance Knighton: The most exciting thing to happen to Knighton happened last offseason. Since then he lost playing time to CJ Mosley, and it looks like Pot Roast may be on his way out.
  • Rashean Mathis: He played his heart out this year, he really did. Mathis has meant the world to this Jaguars team for a long time, but I honestly do not see how we could keep an aging corner. He’s simply not what he used to be.
  • Brad Meester: He says he wants to come back. Is he consistent enough to keep?
  • George Selvie: He was one of our only linemen to actually have a sack this year. One singular sack. Goodbye, Selvie. You’ve topped out.
  • Daryl Smith: You saw what this defense was like without Smith. He’s only a year removed from quietly being one of the top LBs in the league. Definitely hold onto him.
  • Rashad Jennings: It seemed like he blew an awful lot of opportunities. I think I’ve seen enough of Rashad Jennings.
  • Greg Jones: As much as I love Jones, the new GM may deem him too expensive to keep. I know I’d like to see him stick around, but business is business.
  • Jordan Shipley and Keith Toston: I put these two guys together because they were both midseason pick ups (Toston was let go during final cuts of training camp) who I believe proved they deserve a shot next year. Shipley could still be that slot receiver we so desperately need, and Toston can provide better depth than Rashad Jennings.

Speaking of Jaguars RBs, did anyone see DuJuan Harris in Green Bay? Good for him!

These aren’t all of the Jaguars’ free agents, but they are the most notable.

Of course this doesn’t even begin to crack the surface of who is staying and who is going and how could it not be?

-David R. Johns