Fact or Fiction: Sanchez Time?


To everyone’s (and by everyone I mean basically nobody) disappointment, Mark Sanchez will be starting this week’s game against the Jaguars. This is a disaster for Jacksonville. The city had a chance to FINALLY sell out a game and remove all the tarps for the homecoming of our savior Tim Tebow.

The new “Tebowing.” Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The new “Tebowing.”

Seriously though, as a UF grad even I’m over the Tim Tebow/Jacksonville nonsense. Tebow didn’t even want to come here. So instead, let’s focus on what’s likely going to be one of the worst games of the NFL season.

Mark Sanchez will throw at least 2 interceptions: FICTION

Mark Sanchez was benched last week against the Cardinals because he was sucking. Fortunately for him, the Jaguars pass defense is the perfect remedy for fixing suck. With a completely non-existent pass rush, Sanchez will have all day to wait for his mediocre receivers to get open. He also will get help from his running game, since the Jaguars run defense is also reeling after giving up 232 rushing yards last week to the Bills.

Lewis is a beast. Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Marcedes Lewis will have a touchdown: FACT

With Cecil Shorts possibly out and Justin Blackmon being wildly inconsistent, Marcedes Lewis will likely be Chad Henne’s best option this game. Lewis has been terrific in the red zone this season, so expect Bratkowski to run a play for him if they get close to the goal line.

Jason Babin will record a sack: FICTION

The Jaguars newest acquisition was quiet most of the day against Buffalo and there’s little reason to believe Babin will be able to get to the quarterback this week. With the Jaguars’ inability to stop the run, it’s unlikely the Jets will be in a lot of obvious passing situations, which is where Babin has thrived over the last couple of years.

Montell Owens will average more than 3 yards a carry: FACT

Before being knocked out of the game, Rashad Jennings was averaging 2.5 yards a carry against the Bills. The Jaguars running game has been largely ineffective since Maurice Jones-Drew went out, mostly due to Jennings’ inability to grind out tough yards. Montell Owens came in last week and ran with some authority and he seems to take the yards the defense gives him. The Jaguars don’t need a dynamic runner right now, they just need to gain 3-4 yards a rush and get into good passing situations. Owens should be able to do that.

Which Chad Henne will show up this Sunday? The game will likely be determined by whether or not the Jaguars offense can mask the defense’s inability to stop anything. They probably won’t.

Jets 27 – Jaguars 14

– Daniel Lago