Enemy Intel: Jaguars vs Jets


"Editor’s Note: Being a part of the Fansided Network, we have the opportunity to interact with the other NFL sites that can give us insight into their teams.  Before each game we will be providing you with a quick questionnaire that the opposition’s site editor has provided us."

This week we have the opportunity to talk to The Jet Press editor Alan Schechter who took the time to answer five questions for us here at B&T.

Let’s get a little taste of the New York Jets before Sunday’s game against the Jaguars.

1)  How do Jets fans feel about Mark Sanchez getting the start over McElroy or Tebow?

Nobody really thought that Tebow was going to get the start.  They haven’t used him at all so far, in any real role other than the personal punt protector, there was no reason to believe they were going to start now.  As far as the other two, fans are not happy about going back to Mark Sanchez.  Some want McElroy because he is “not Sanchez”, while others want to see him to see what we have.  They are all but out of the playoff race, and we know what we have in Mark Sanchez. But, the way the Jets operate, nobody is really shocked by the decision, just disappointed.

2)  The rushing offense for the Jets has been a good indicator of success for the team, how do you think Shonn Greene will do against the Jags D?

The Jets have been getting the running game on the right track of late, even in losses, and I think that will continue here.  Being ranked 31st in the NFL against the run as the Jags are may be just what the doctor ordered.  You aren’t going to just see Shonn Greene, the Jets have been showing a lot of Bilal Powell, as well as a sprinkling of Joe McKnight.  I think the running game will perform well on Sunday.

3)  5-7 is definitely not where the Jets want to be, what has been going wrong this season?

Well, it starts with injuries.  Losing Santonio Holmes on offense has been backbreaking to the team.  Losing Revis didn’t exactly hurt, but the defense has rebounded pretty well.  The Jets haven’t had their number one weapons available, and the quarterback play has been downright awful at times.  Mark Sanchez has been inconsistent, partially because he has been undermined with the lack of weapons and with Tim Tebow on the team, partially from simply making bad decisions.  Bad quarterback play spreads like a virus through the entire offense.  The defense has been good, but the offense simply hasn’t out up enough points.

4)  How warm is Rex Ryan’s seat?  Are fans and decision makers starting to grow weary of Ryan?

I would say that Rex’s seat is warm at best.  I truthfully don’t see him losing his job this year, I belive the Jets will bring him back one more time.  He will be able to put a lot of the blame on Mike Tannenbaum, who most of us believe will lose his job first.

5)  How do you think this matchup will play out on Sunday?

I think the Jets will take this one fairly easily.  It won’t be an explosion of points, something like a 17-10 affair.

We’ll see if the Jets handle the Jags fairly easily.  A big thank you to Alan and The Jet Press for the conversation!

– Luke N. Sims