Gabbert Needs To Run


Blaine Gabbert needs to run up field when he has the chance. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE

Blaine Gabbert has been struggling his entire NFL career; and while its no surprise that his development will take time, Head Coach Mike Mularkey’s coaching decisions may hinder his development even further. In recent news, Mularkey has stated, “I’d like him to run it more if he sees some place there to run,”. He continues by saying,”He has seen it hurt us, especially on third down. It’s really hurt us. The quarterbacks getting out of the pocket. He still has a ways to go. We know that, but I like the direction we’re going with him.”.

The league has become a passing league, and in order to pass effectively, the quarterback should stay in the pocket to efficiently survey the field and accurately throw the ball as well as not risk injury. Yet the Jaguars have problems on their offensive line this season, which does not allow them the luxury of a clean pocket, especially on third down. So far, Gabbert has been sacked 15 times this season, an average of three times a game and his completion percentage has been floating in the fifties. Maybe having him run the ball wouldn’t be the worst idea, but the idea was to have Gabbert stay in the pocket and deliver a strike down the field.

Whether this is a knee jerk reaction or a contingency plan, it at least shows the Jaguars are willing to try something different in an attempt to spark the offense. Gabbert has some mobility to his name, and running the ball wouldn’t be the worst idea to a losing team, more so if they can convert on third down. Yet Gabbert also has a lot fumbles to his name, seventeen total with seven of them being lost. As far as a risk reward is concerned, i’m all for it. The Jaguars need to stay competitive as a top draft pick is a bitter sweet reward for the team and the fans.

– Antonio Furgiuele