Justin Blackmon; Crime and Punishment


Blackmon blew a .24 at 3:00 am. I wonder exactly what he would blow earlier that night. That’s a lot of booze!!! But at least it’s not crack right? At least he didn’t beat up a stripper or discharge a firearm. I really shouldn’t be cracking jokes, but I’m halfway serious. Yes, drinking and driving is irresponsible and dangerous. I’ve lost a couple of friends in these kinds of incidents, and I whole heartedly believe he should be punished as long as the punishment fits the crime.

The Jaguars fan base and front office values high character players. I can’t blame them. High character guys stay out of trouble and focus on football. I still believe Blackmon can fully focus on football, however. What a player does on the field and what he does off the field should be kept separate. Should he be suspended? Yes. I fully believe he should be suspended. Should we try to sign him for cheap? Hold your horses.

It’s been drawn to my attention that we can tamper with the language of his contract regarding his guarantees. If we do this, look for a hold out. After all, he is a top 5 pick and should be paid like one. I don’t see this as an opportunity to get a top 5 draft pick for less money. It seems that many believe this is exactly what should happen. This would be a mistake. This offense needs someone like Blackmon. Look at some of the great wide receivers of our day. Moss, Carter, Irvin…all have had issues in one way or another. There’s only one exception I can think of and that’s Jerry Rice.

I’d take a player with drinking issues with loads of talent over a clean cut, high morals choir boy who can’t play his way out of a paper bag. I just don’t see where people get off judging the kid already and he hasn’t even set foot on the field. Everyone has had a close friend or family member be busted for a DUI. Do you think their pay should be cut too? Apples and oranges.

Suspend him? Sure, go for it. Try to be cheap? He’s going to hold out. If that happens we’ve already set our offense back and it’s only May.

So do what you must regarding disciplinary measures, but don’t mess with the man’s money. If we decide to do so, I don’t want to hear anyone complain about how Gene Smith didn’t try to get Gabbert more weapons.

-David R. Johns