Jaguars Fans Hop Aboard the Last Train to Crazy Town…


Faster than warp speed, faster than hyperspeed… let us engage the ludicrous drive to crazy town.

I’ve seen some knee jerk reactions in my time, but recently the bar has been raised. People have been screaming for replacements, crying like doomsayers on the ledge of the Everbank building’s roof, threatening the franchise that “they love”. If you “love” something or someone, you don’t quit on them or yell at them when they are struggling, you support them and stick with them, otherwise, did you ever really love them in the first place?

People need to take a step back and take a deep breath. The preseason is basically an extension of practice this year, more so than most. The team has been together for a month, the free agent acquisitions for even less time. Draftees and UDFA’s have had less than a month of NFL experience. People are expecting world class play from people who just aren’t ready. I fully expect nearly every team out there to look sloppy until week three or four.

I fully understand that people are disgusted with the level of play recently, I myself was utterly disappointed with Bills game, but I know that Garrard has played pretty poorly thus far, but understand, he was injured and has really only played three quarters. Live game time will change this. It can only get better. Don’t forget, that the reduced offseason time has made player evaluation much harder than before, as the rookies and free agents must show their talents in a short amount of time with even less chances than usual, as the rosters started at ninety this year.

Additionally, injuries have run rampant this year, mostly head injuries so far. The head injuries are a response to the new concussion rules and have been over reported and over protected. The Jaguars will be a vastly improved team with the starters all back and healthy. Kampman, MoJo, Britton, Miller, just to name a few, have all missed time and aren’t expected to play too much, if at all, in the final preseason game. You know you have issues when your feature back is Brock Bolen, not to disparage him by any means, but if I have Karim, Jennings of Jones-Drew, be sure that he’d be starting over Bolen.

So in summation, injuries, lack of practice time and a host of other issues have limited this time. At this time, I’d like to extend an invitation to my Zen Garden, my place of yang where the doomsayers are in the yin. My meditation sphere. If anyone is interested, just take a step back, look at the causes and factors and realize that its just football, albeit football that you love, but shouldn’t fret over. Life isn’t meant for the anger. Find your mountain.