Crisp, Crisp, Oh so Crisp!


BAM!  I believe that this week’s game against Buffalo may have been the crispest game of the season thus far for the Jaguars.  Granted, it was against the Bills.  But who cares?  The Jags are 3-2 and tied for 1st in the division (with everyone else) and have a chance to get a full two games ahead of the Titans with a win this week!  After a 1-2 start, I must admit I was not thrilled, but it seems the Jaguars are on a roll and the excitement just keeps building!  If this doesn’t sell tickets then the Jaguars don’t deserve to be in Jacksonville.  Fortunately, I think the ticket sales will go right along with winning.  But, before we look at next week, let’s see who was crisp, and who wasn’t, in this weeks game against the Bills.

Crispest of the Crispies:  Josh Scobee.  Did anybody doubt that our special teams were going to be phenomenal this year?  On top of a brilliant coverage unit (due, in part to Scobee’s good kicking), and a very good return team, we have a premier kicker in Josh Scobee and his big leg!  He nailed 5 of 5 (10/10 on the season) all of which, save one, were 40 yards or more.  Sure, one didn’t go directly down the middle, but we’re not all perfect, right?  So long as Scobee keeps kicking like this, I’m going to believe we can go to the playoffs and maybe go deep!  So long as Scobee doesn’t go perfect and then end up missing in the championship game (circa Vikings’ Gary Anderson 1998) I am fine with him being a perfect kicker!

2nd Crispest: Deji Karim.  There’s nothing quite like racking up 215 (145 return, 70 rushing) total yards to make your rookie season feel good.  Karim has got to be smiling every time he goes to practice, eats breakfast, goes to bed, does anything!  To top it off he had a very respectable 4.7 yards per attempt (15 attempts).  If the Jaguars ever need a spell back for MJD when he gets old, I think Karim is easily up to the task!

Just as Crispy:  Mary Garrard.  Sure, guys like to fight their own battles.  But I am dang proud of Mary Garrard for talking some sense into Dirk Koetter!  God bless her!  David Garrard is a brilliant soldier and wasn’t going to meddle in the affairs of the coaching staff, but someone needed to say it and who better than the woman that knows him best?  I commend you Mary Garrard!

3rd Crispest:  David Garrard.  Sure, he threw a pick (6 total this year).  But it was tipped (along with two others during the Chargers game).  Garrard played great otherwise (16/20 178 yards and 3 TDs) and led this team back with his leadership abilities.  And that’s something that I think David isn’t recognized enough for.  His leadership on and off the field as a stand-up man and respectful player is among the best of any elite quarterback, and better than some (Ben Roethlisberger).  I am proud that David has been a part of this franchise for so long and this Sunday he showed why I am glad that his skills are being used for the Jaguars and not for some other team.

Just as Crispy:  Derek Cox/Jack Del Rio.  I hope the two of them don’t mind sharing this spot, because their combined actions really deserve it.  Jack was very smart to bench Cox for a few games this season.  David Jones’ play allowed Jack to take some time to do some damage control.  Cox was becoming a liability and Del Rio did all he could to right the ship (or at least balance both sides of the field when the opponent was passing).  Cox not only got the message that he was playing poorly, but he took the action and turned it into a positive!  That shows very good maturity for such a young player.  He took his time off and honed his skill rather than sitting the bench and complaining every chance he could.  I was very impressed with his attitude.  And when he was called upon in this game, he came in and showed why he was worthy of starting last year and why his spot is still securely his this year.

Not So Crispy (Soggy):  I Got nothing.

This game was very very good!  Minus the rather tough turnovers at the start, the Jaguars pulled through!  Nobody played poorly and the team played superbly as a whole!  Here’s to a similar game next week!

– Luke N. Sims