Jacksonville Jaguars training camp thoughts


I try to provide examples of camp in pictures because I am not very good at keeping track of everything going on.  It is the best I have to offer. But some others have a great nack for covering all the action. The best example of this is BleacherReport’s Tim McClellan reports. I may not agree with everything, but it is worth reading. Here are a few links for you to consider:

August 3 evening report 

August 3 morning report

Monday August 2 report

Overall summary of camp issues

Here are three guys I think the Jaguars can cut right now and use the spots for better players:

Trevor Harris QB Edinboro University.  In the Peanuts cartoon, Snoopy would begin dancing by moving his feet at a blur, he called it “Happy Feet”. That phrase translated to a fault quarterbacks exhibit when nervous. They stand in one spot and their feet run in place. They lose their ability to plant quickly and deliver. Trevor Harris has a horrible case of Happy Feet. Watch him sometimes. He is so nervous to get rid of the ball and he he doesn’t have a strong arm. Trevor won’t make it.

Brock Bolen FB Louisville. Brock looks imposing. When you see him walk by, he is a mountain of muscle. The trouble is a FB must block. During the “protect your quarterback” blocking drill, Ernest Wilford walked up to him, stood there and faked him out. Time and time again Brock Bolen was left on the ground blocking air. Brock was invited back again this year, but I don’t see anything in him I trust on the field.

Zack Potter TE Nebraska. Big man, bigger than Marcedes at 6’7″ and 280 pounds. Why are they trying to make him a tight end? He was a decent defensive end for Nebraska. He can’t catch and struggles in blocking from what I saw.  I don’t understand what the Jaguars are trying to do with him, but I don’t see a strong NFL future.

Concerning Gene Smith.  I am beginning to wonder if he falls in love with his players? His comments on Don Carey were curious. If you put Reggie Nelson on the field next to Don Carey, you would get a higher level of play out of Reggie Nelson. But Gene is touting Don Carey and almost ready to dismiss Reggie. I really think this about Gene, guys drafted by Shack Harris are nothing to Gene except taking up a spot one of his guys should have.  I like the roster moves thus far, but those were easy moves. The next layer will come when Gene must cut his own guys.  Then we will see where he really is. I might be wrong about him, I probably am. Just putting it out there.

Well, time to cut the grass. I can’t pretend to be busy much longer. Have a good Sunday everyone.

– Terry O’Brien