Zoltan’s Oklahoma Drill Preview


Until we wait to the wrestling between the Jaguars front office versus Ken Zuckerman (Tyson Alualu’s agent) for an agreement over the 1st round choice’s contract; let’s do a little preview for the biggest Training Camp event which will be on Sunday night: the Oklahoma Drill. Some pairings are published let’s check the menu:

Eugene Monroe vs. Larry Hart:

Well Larry Hart can show right from the start the “buzz” is real or fake about him. He is being projected by many as the Jaguars next pass rush sensation. Well against the maybe best offensive lineman the Jaguars have; he can show it to the public. Very good choice by Vic Ketchman. This match up is something I’m looking forward to seeing. But this is not the main attraction.  B&T Bet: Take Eugene over Larry Hart 

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Eben Britton vs. Derrick Harvey:

Welcome to the main event. Derrick Harvey looks like he is in the middle of a turning point of his career. Everywhere I heard; he is changed (in a positive way); he is dedicated; and his is ready for a breakthrough year. Well his opponent will be Eben Britton; who is seen as a leader of the O-line; who is getting much stronger (according to Luke Richesson). Well this is the main event everyone.  Even if Alualu will be there; this is the match up I would like to see; if I was there personally. B&T Bet: Take Derrick Harvey over Eben Britton

 Uche Nwaneri vs. D’ Anthony Smith:

Interesting. These are two guys who must prove they are good enough to become a 2010 starter. Well Uche has been projected as a centre or a guard in the spring; but now with Kynan Forney and Justin Smith on the mix; and Brad Meester looking like somebody who wants to retain his starting job; all of sudden Uche can be forced back as a back-up. Now D’ Anthony’s situation is a bit different. He must outplay Tyson Alualu to start (not going to happen). But behind Knighton and Alualu I see it is  only him as a legitimate backup right now. I have my doubts in Attiyah Ellison and I’m not buying yet the hype about UDFA rookie DT Ko Quaye. Do this could be interesting. B&T Bet: D’Anthony Smith in an upset.

Vince Manuwai vs. Tyson Alualu

Well that depends on 1 thing- the biggest thing right now for every jaguars fan. Can the front office sign Tyson in time for Sunday night’s practice? Only 13 first round rookies do not having contracts. I do not want to see Tyson among the last 10 not being signed. So I hope there will be a match up between the two friends from Hawaii. I think and believe this will be a good matchup too. Tyson will wear the full pads on as a pro (If he will be signed) and Vince Manuwai is competing for not being cut when the final roster will be announced! I hope this match up will become a reality; and that means Alualu is in camp; we can focus on football and nothing else. B&T Bet: Vince Manuwai is too strong, take Vince.

I expect 1-2 more battles. I can see Jeremy Mincey or Ko Quaye against Kynan Forney and/or Jordan Black too. A secret and brave prediction would be the 2 buddies from Iowa; Brad Meester against Aaron Kampman (I seriously think if Kampman will practice on Sunday the Jags might throw him to this!) If it happens, pick Aaron! But I hope 3 things for tomorrow’s big attraction.

1; Nobody sustain a new injury (In the last 2 days Ravens CB Foxworth tore his ACL-out for the season; and Vikings WR Percy Harvin and Eagles WR DeSean Jackson were injured – although both injuries are not looking as serious now as it was reported first)

2, Alualu will be at camp. As I wrote I want to concentrate to football and positional battles; not contract negotiations….

3, Oklahoma Drill stimulates the ticket sales. July was a big disappointment. It was everything but strong. I hope people will not laying back with the Everbank and Blue Cross& Blue Shield deals; and saying the franchise is saved. No; the jags will survives only if fans produce sellouts. And we are not there yet. We need a very; very strong August!

With that being written; I wish everyone, who will watch Sundays practice to have a very good time, and enjoy the new season and the ’10 jaguars. I have high hopes for the team, and I hope they can show some flashes on Sunday why we can be excited about them!

Zoltan Paksa