What “Everbank Field” could mean to the Jaguars


Zoltan Paksa here with a commentary on the new stadium naming rights, From my point of view, this announcement might mean more to Jacksonville than just getting used to a new name.

As you might know already; 3 years after the departure of “Alltel” the Jaguars management finally reached a new deal for the stadium naming rights. The new deal (according to the Florida Times Union 5 million $/ 5 years) with Everbank is very very good news for the future on NFL football in Jacksonville. It gives more “space to breathe”. It gives more time to Gene Smith to rebuild the team. It gives more resistance against any group who wants to buy and move the franchise outside Northeast Florida.

How big is this deal? I’m telling you, I think this deal; with the current number of sold (season) tickets the Jaguars are being saved for at least 2012. That means Gene Smith has at least 2 more seasons to make this roster even more competitive. Not just for Jaguars standards, but league wide as well. Three seasons is a lot of time when you are doing it wisely. I think the rebuilding is going quite well so far-although I still think the whole process will stand or fail on one thing- who will be Gene Smith’s QB selection (most likely at next year draft). If the progress continues in this way then by 2012 the Jaguars will be a potential postseason contender; maybe even more (I am thinking about the Super bowl!)

Now that the training camp is just hours away; we can say the off-season is finally over. If I must grade it with this deal I would give a 7 out of 10 to it. If the Jaguars can sign Tyson Alualu before July 30 then I give the work what the team did even 8. They did improve the pass rush and the defense, they did all they can to fill the stadium with crowd and up to this point they have answered the call (although; that estimated 5000 tickets they need to sell is worrying me still). I forgot to mention they brought in very good coaches (Rob Boras and Earnest Byner are both quality replacements for Kennedy Pola and Mike Tice) to the team and they even fired D-line coach Ted Monachino and brought in exciting Joe Cullen. I still have concerns (the safety situation; Rashean Mathis and his contract; letting go John Henderson and Clint Ingram for nothing) but so far it was a strong off-season, just what Gene Smith and Jack Del Rio wanted and demanded in early January. Now let’s sign Tyson Alualu; and get back to work. As you can see our opponent preview articles the Jaguars must get ready from opening day in this very important season. Now that the off-season has come to an end, Jaguars fans, let the ’10 campaign begin! Stay tuned Jaguars fans because soon we hope to bring you the best training camp coverage you can find anywhere in the internet!

Zoltan Paksa