I’ve been happily thinking about good things to come


I can’t help but to be happy about the Jaguars. I can’t help but to be excited about the season to come. There is so much to look forward to!

"Now I’ve been happily thinking about good things to come. And I believe it could be, something good has begun.                                                   Cat Stevens – Peace Train"

Maybe it is Aaron Kampman coming. Maybe it is Kassim Osgood. Maybe it is the draft. Maybe it is Wayne Weaver’s optimism, I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it is just the time of the season. I am happy, very happy.

Jeanne, in her last video blog spoke something that resonates with me. The best Jaguars are those with a chip on their shoulder. She said “we are a small town, we don’t get any respect. We have a chip on our shoulder and the best Jaguars do as well”. She pointed out Maurice Jones Drew was too small to play. He had a chip on his shoulder. The best of this team comes out when they play with the chip.

Kassim Osgood has that feeling. He has a lot to show and wants to show it. Derek Cox was a small school guy ready to show he could play. Aaron Kampman wants to show Green Bay he was worth keeping. The chip is returning.

The best Jaguar team under Del Rio showcased the 2006 defense. Big Big men up front daring you to run. Daring you to stand too long in the pocket. Ready to crush you for even taking the field. Ask the Steelers, ask the Cowboys, ask the Jets. I am beginning to feel that again.

This draft has Big Big men ready to play defensive tackle. This draft has ten great defensive tackles ready right now to dominate the NFL. One of the best of them will probably be a Jaguar.

With Derrick Harvey ready to break out and Aaron Kampman ready to play, the ends are looking solid. With Pot Roast ready for a second season and Big Hen with good football left in him, one more big guy up front means the dominate line will emerge again. Imagine if Big Hen can rest a few downs and come in fresh. Imagine a number 10 draft choice ready to crush the pocket. Anyone doubt Joe Cullen doesn’t have a chip? Anyone doubt he doesn’t have something to prove? I don’t. The chip is returning. Jaguar defensive football is coming back.

This draft is also full of good middle round offensive linemen. Zane Beadles from Utah might be one.  Vladimir Ducasse from Massachusetts might be one. Gene will find him. With a strong offensive line, Maurice breaks free. With a strong offensive line, David has time. Everything clicks. This is our draft. This is our time.

Gene is building this team from the lines. When you go back to the Coughlin era, where Gene learned his trade, you see offensive and defensive linemen always taken early in the draft. That stopped in the Shack era. We are back to the old ways again. Zoltan has begun his look at defensive tackles. Watch for those reports here soon.

I promise you this, Gene will build a powerful Jaguar team.

"Get your bags together, come bring your good friends too. Because it’s getting nearer, soon it will all be true."

Cat Stevens said it best. All I can do is repeat it, good things have begun. One last thing… to Peter King. Remember Peter, Jaguar fans don’t need you around anyhow.

Get ready folks. The Jaguars train is rolling around again. I promise!

– Terry O’Brien