Jaguars at Colts Preview


Neither the Jaguars nor the Colts wanted to be in this position going into today. The Jaguars are against the wall. If they don’t win this game, the best they can optimistically hope for is a wild card spot. If the Colts lose, they will also be fighting for the top of the AFC South.  If the Jaguars lose, the sports media (including myself) will ask themselves “Was all the hype deserved?” and if the Colts lose, “Is Peyton getting too old?”

Both teams are seriously beaten up.  Both teams are holding their offensive lines together with duct tape. Manning willed his team into a win last week against the Vikings. The Jaguars let the win slip away against the Bills. Despite those woes, this is a respected rivalry. Jaguar fans can’t really dislike the Colts the way they do the Titans. It is hard to hate on some one when your record against them is 3-11. As a Gator fan, I still hold the fact that Peyton never defeated the Gators very near to my heart.

This is a must win game for both teams. However, I think it is more of a must for the Jaguars. 0-3 is not the record of a great team. Things will be made much easier if the Texans defeat the Titans but I am not holding my breath. A girl can hope, though.

Injury Report

Jaguars: Justin Durant, Maurice Jones-Drew, Troy Williamson, Fred Taylor, Brian Williams all suffered through injuries this week. Durant and Williamson are out for sure. Maurice Jones-Drew, Fred Taylor and Brian Williams will all be playing. Also, all the offensive line injuries are still there. Brad Meester has been in practice this week but Richard Collier is still in the hospital and we’re still down our starting guards.

Colts: Jeff Saturday is back but they are also extremely banged up. The most notable name is Bob Sanders. Joseph Addai was held out of practice on Wednesday along with a lot of their own linemen.

Fun Fact

The last time that Bob Sanders was out for the Colts, the Jaguars nearly ran for 400 yards.

The Prediction

This is going to be close. However, Maurice Jones-Drew wants the ball and he is going to get it. He is going to run down their throats. The Colts will suffer their second loss at home this season. Perhaps the new stadium is cursed?