After The Loss


It is Thursday and my sunburn is finally gone and with it went my distain for the loss. It is Thursday morning and I am thinking about the Colts. Saying that Sunday’s game is important would be an extreme understatement. However, I am the eternal optimist.

The AFC South is still in grasps, though the situation looks dire. The Titans sit on top due to their defensive line’s dominance of the Jaguars’ crippled offensive line. They are sitting at a cozy 2-0 including a divisional win. The Colts are 1-1 without a division win and both the Jaguars and the Texans are fluffing up the bottom with no wins. Who in the sports world would have predicted that? However, this weekend features AFC South matchups. In the ideal situation, the Jaguars would beat the Colts and the Texans would beat the Titans. That would mean that the Jaguars, Titans and Texans would be sporting a divisional win, leaving the Colts on the bottom. I am sure that all of us in the AFC South can agree that the Colts have been on top far too long.

Another thing in the Jaguars’ favor is that the divisional game they lost was an away game. While any divisional loss is somewhat hobbling, a divisional loss at home is especially crippling. If the Jaguars can beat the Titans at home their loss wouldn’t have such an impact. However, no one can win a division by only winnning their divisional games at home. That just adds to the importance of the upcoming game. Something about me just can’t trust the Jaguars away at the Texans on a Monday night.

There are other reasons to be happy about the upcoming game. Bob Sanders is out of the game on Sunday. The last time Sanders was out the Jaguars ran for 375 yards for a score of 44-17. I am not entirely sure if Jeff Saturday will be playing but even if he is one can only hope that he is at least a little bit rusty. If Quinten Groves or Derrick Harvey  can get a sack on Peyton Manning I would be just thrilled.

Injury report:

"LB Justin Durant (groin), Drew (ankle) and WR Troy Williamson didn’t participate in Jaguars team drills. Taylor (toe) and S Brian Williams (thigh) worked on a limited basis. … For the Colts, RB Joseph Addai was held out of Wednesday’s practice to rest, as were DE Dwight Freeney and DB Tim Jennings. DT Keyunta Dawson (ankle), WR Roy Hall (knee), DT Daniel Muir (knee), G Mike Pollak (knee), TE Jacob Tamme (ankle) and OT Tony Ugoh (groin) also were held out of practice. … In addition to bringing back G Chris Naeole, the Jaguars signed WR D’Juan Woods back to the practice squad, along with LB Lamar Myles. The team released OT Andrew Carnahan. … Jaguars C Brad Meester participated in practice in a limited capacity, but he will be declared out for Sunday’s game. He’s not expected back until the fourth or fifth week of the season."