Jaguars vs Eagles Preseason results... Boooringgg

I should not write this article. All of my sarcastic impulses are running wild. It was too easy to see the bad, but you had to squint and look out of the side of your eye to see the good. Of course, I am only talking about the starters role in this game. Third down efficiency? 0-3 in the first half. 0-9 in the game. After the Eagles pulled their starters, things always look fun, but seriously, that isn’t what we need to focus on. The starters were not ready.

It wasn’t what we need at all. Couldn’t run it, didn’t convert.

Things didn’t go well early for us, sputtered a little offensively, and defensively didn’t make plays that we need to make. Not the kind of start we want, but I like the way we finished the half

- Jack Del Rio

We didn’t start off the way we wanted to, but there are a lot of positives we can take from this and there’s some negatives that we’ll get a chance to work on a little bit.

- Kirk Morrison

It’s been awhile. Obviously we still have a long way to go. We’ve got four games to get that rust off so we’re coming out rolling and ready for the opener.

- Marcedes Lewis

Ok, let me get it out. A stupidity has descended upon the Jaguar organization. They need to wake up real soon.  Here are some examples of the dumbness I heard:

  • Anthony Smith will beat Reggie Nelson out for a starting spot.
  • Don Carey is good enough to replace Rashean Mathis
  • Derek Cox is a solid corner back 
  • Justin Durant is fighting for a spot with Russell Allen
  • Vince Manuwai isn’t good enough for a starting job
  • That wide receiver screen will work

OK. First of all if there was any bright spot in the first half it was Reggie Nelson. He played like a man on fire. He wrapped people up and broke up passes. Reggie had 3 tackles in the first half. Anthony Smith had 0. Reggie looked to me to be everywhere doing everything. He and Rashean Mathis had a communication going on.

When Anthony Smith started, Kevin Kolb had no problem finding guys open 15 – 20 yards over the middle. We know Kirk Morrison is not a cover guy. He is a rushing and run stopping guy. Passes over Kirk and before Anthony Smith were simply too easy.

Derek Cox was beaten by Riley Cooper. Riley Cooper is a very good receiver that didn’t belong in the fifth round. The Eagles were very smart to pick him up. Derek Cox was a step behind him. Then DeSean Jackson left Derek Cox examining the grass as he lept over him.  Derek Cox needs to wake up fast.

Justin Durant is a qualiy linebacker and better be a starter from here on out.

Last year Maurice Jones Drew ran for almost 1,400 yards. Today, the Jaguars ran for 2 yards in the first half. Vince Manuwai is a run blocker and needs to get healthy and in the game. Not saying MJD should have had more yards, just the Jaguars are a running team and didn’t show it tonight.

I have seen girl softball pitchers throw with more velocity than David Garrard did tonight. His football was filled with helium and it floated out there.

We’ve got to do a better job of getting first downs and keeping the offense on the field. They did a good job of stopping us at times, but I thnk a lot of times we were stopping ourselves. We’ve just got to continue to get better at that, and just getting first downs period. – David Garrard

Dirk Koetter loves this stupid wide receiver screen play that never goes anywhere. I think I saw it 5 times in the first half. After the first quarter, the Jaguars had somewhere around 14 total yards. I’m surprised it was that much. Was it bad play calling or bad execution?.

The Jaguars simply were so outclassed by the Eagle starters. I know Eugene Monroe and Aaron Kampman and Tyson Alualu were not in the game. I don’t think it would matter. You weren’t supposed to run on the Jaguars but the Eagles did. They amassed over 300 yards in the first half. Seriously, what were we seeing out there?

OK, I give up. I always write a review like this after the first preseason game and things are never this bad. I did like the defensive line. Even though it was the same folks as last year, they looked more aggressive. They will be better and the Jaguars will be better. They have to be or it will be an 0-16 season. Same thing I wrote last year at this time.

Jack Del Rio was disappointed at half during the interview. He should have been. This was a real bad start and a wake up call. 

Next week Miami comes to town and we will see it in person. Until then, please no Luke McCown should start debate. Let that mindless discussion happen elsewhere. This team needs to regroup and wake up. The 2010 season is here.

- Terry O’Brien

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  • Shanks

    I dont know about Reggie being a man on fire. Vick did make him looke foolish when he ran it in for a TD. Not disagreeing with you on Anthony Smith being better, theres no way hes better than Reggie. MJD only had 2 attmpts for a reason, hes the only player on this team who doesnt have to prove anything in preseason. IMO I dont even think he should have to suit up for Preseason games. I think the one thing I liked the most was Deji Karims kick returning ability, okay i know its Special Teams but it will help us out when were starting off on the 35 rather than the 20.

  • Shanks

    OH and is Sims-Walker okay? His arm was in a sling, talk about offensive woes if our only proven receiver is out for an extended period of time.

    • zoltanfrombudapest

      Jack Del Rio told Jeff Lageman; that he is fine. Jeff said in the other hand; he has some doubts about this is a light injury.

      I hope it is a light injury; because if not; David will face a loooooooong 8 days…

  • JagzNation

    OMG deji was killing it i thouht our special teams was the best plays of the night except for when mcgee lost a bunch of yards…but our starting offense looked like complete crap how many 3 n outs did we have agian…to many to count…mccown looked good and the recievers but then agian that was second stringers…i dont dont care about us beating second stringers i care that our starters looked irrelevant

    • keithg

      I thought our ST looked very good, nice to have 2 explosive returners who (hopefully) will just get better.

      The 1st string started with two 3-and-outs (to many to count? seriously?) and did not look good at all. McCown did look good, but I’m not sure how seriously to take that. Garrard better step it up though because otherwise our season does not look promising. Nice to see Troy show up. The dude has potential

      Knighton was a beast. Who cares how much he weighs? Harvey got a sack and a FF, which matched pretty much the first half of last season, numbers wise. Secondary was… jeez… concerning?

  • zoltanfrombudapest

    MY quick opinion of this game:

    McCown is back and David will face a legit threat. If that does not lift his game up; I don’t know what will

    Karim and McGee as well as the whole ST unit is for real! Watch out!

    Troy Williamson has emerged with Underwood

    2 sacks only- before this game started I though about 5-6. The Jags managed it with 2

    Ex-Colts junk players (Coe -INT-, Keiaho -Sack-; Matthews -TD-) made big plays (Maybe Gene should stand before Lucas Oil Field when they making the cuts for the final roster

    MSW is injured- maybe serious; maybe not. JDR said just a jammed shoulder. Jeff Lageman said maybe more then that. We will see the X-rays

    David was bad; and he was responsible for Mike’s injury.

    For him the Miami game can’t arriver soon enough. His starting position is pushed toward the edge tonight!

    Most parts of the 1st team was nothing but bad.

    Passrush almost nonexistant in the 1st team- Although Harvey had a sack and a FF
    Travor Harris is sadly looks like another QB; who is a nice kid; with no arm…

  • Shanks

    The only thing I dont really get about tonights game is Jennings had two rushing attempts and Karim had 3. These are two guys who will be on the field way more than McCown will. It really looked as if they were trying to get a feel for McCown. There hasnt been a QB controversy since David took over and IMO now is not the time for there to be one. Sometimes I dont really understand JDR, and I will be praying tonight that MSW injury isnt serious.

    • zoltanfrombudapest

      Oh yeah. I checked the stats. NOBODY was as impressive as McCown since the preseason begun. 244 yards; 3 TDs; 154.9 QB rate. David must show up for the Miami game. The pressure is on him.
      MSW’s injury was David’s fault; because he threw the ball into a double coverage for Mike. If he is seriously injured; the media and the fans will rip David’s head off for that…
      I don’t want a QB controversy either; but we will see that in the next 8 days sadly.
      I hope MSW had suffered really just a minor injury….

  • James

    Sometimes I really question your ability to evaluate football games, Terry.

    • zoltanfrombudapest

      Terry wrote his 1st impressions: which is always honest response; and many places he is right on the money.
      I agree with couple of points (Carey – Gene must abandon from him; Durant is atarter quality player-although I think Allen is close to that too; Manuwai and the O-line made a decent job protecting the QB-Meester is I think very close to being safe; Cox- I love the kid- but he is playing with an injury).

      And by the way: You will see read here other opinions (for example mine)too very soon.

    • tkopa

      14 yards passing 2 yards running in the first quarter. The Eagles driving down field. What did I get wrong?

  • Tim

    Lets be honest, the game was anything but boring. Mike Sims Walker SHOULD have caught both those passes. I saw the replay and he really wasnt hit THAT hards. David Garrard played FINE. Sure McCown played a lot better but lets look at the positives here. This was a lot better than last years opening game

    • zoltanfrombudapest

      No; that was everything but fine from David. I like him; but this was bad from him.
      He needs to impove himself in a big way for next Saturday!

      • jagsoldier

        This game was a huge dissapointment as far as the starters go. I hated the play calling. I want to see Monroe, Kampman, Britton, and Alualu play though because I think they will make a huge difference in the next game.

        • zoltanfrombudapest

          The whole 1st unit team (Espcially the offense) looked rusty- sadly