David Garrard iRobot

Sometimes in a relationship, the thing that was so wonderful about a person later becomes the thing that annoys you. “She is so spontaneous” later becomes “She never plans anything”. I think David Garrard is feeling a bit of that now in his relationship with the Jaguars and the fans.

I remember in 2005, David steps in for Byron and leads the team to the playoffs delivering a 5-1 record as a stand in. Byron goes down again in 2006 and David is again in the leadership position but throws 4 interceptions against Houston and three against the Titans which destroys the Jaguars chances of going to the playoffs. It not only destroyed the Jaguars chances, it almost destroyed David’s career.

David had it programmed into his head “throw interception, lose job”. Never did he tell himself “take a sack, lose job” or “don’t throw a touchdown, lose job”, it was always “if I throw an interception, I will lose my job”. This is what he worked on in 2007, hitting the receiver. He learned to not pull the trigger unless he was sure. His lack of interceptions gave him the quarterback rating above Peyton Manning and delivered multi-multi-millions of dollars. “Do not throw interception , make huge dollars”.

The Jaguars coaches and management, in a classic over reaction, gushed over David. He is so “coachable” they swooned. Not like Byron who refuses to take direction, David listens to us! See, we taught him to not throw interceptions. What is the first law of robot quarterbacking? “Do not throw interception”. What is the second law of robot quarterbacking? “Do what coaches say”. David was the perfect robot quarterback.

Last year they programmed this into David, when the defense shows a certain look, switch to a pass play. The third law was programmed in. The opponents caught on and would show the look and bait David every time into changing the play. Finally Maurice Jones Drew complained publicly “we are not a running team any more”. The third law had a flaw in it so there was a revision. Robot quarterback, obey the third law but the second law is higher. If we tell you not to change the play, it over rides the third law. Do not obey the third law if the second law is heard. Yes sir, “coachable” David is working sir.

After the scrimmage on Friday, Jack told the media he presented David with a new law, in the Red Zone, do not take the sack. The fourth law has been presented to the robot quarterback. Don’t worry folks, Jack is saying, I fixed the programming. The robot will evolve higher now, the programming is complete.

One time, Bernie Kosar the Cleveland Browns quarterback, ignored Bill Belichick’s sent in play and improvised a touchdown pass. He was fired the next day. Belichick didn’t want a human, he wanted a robot, bring in the terminator, Vinny Testaverde. Bill has learned that doesn’t work and he now has human quarterbacks. Just once, I would love to see David challenge the programming and improvise a touchdown. Just once I would like to see the human side of him engineer a drive. I would love to see a dynamic charismatic leader at quarterback. David Garrard iRobot won’t go against his programming. 

David is not the leader of the Jaguars because he isn’t a leader, he is a classic follower and pleaser. He does what is instructed. Robots are not leaders. But let me ask all of you this, would Jack Del Rio tolerate a leader at quarterback? Could Jack handle a strong personality leading the team, one who threatened him as the leader? I think he could, if the kid could play. I think Jack and a good young quarterback could get along well. Every great coach needs a great quarterback. I think Jack understands that.

Luke McCown is not that guy. Luke looks more afraid to play than waiting for his chance. David is a durable strong guy who can get the job done, but not by much margin any more. It is time to seriously consider the next Jaguar quarterback. I just hope he is a free thinking human being who can lead. I love David Garrard for a lot of reasons but “being coachable” isn’t one of them.  

- Terry O’Brien

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  • evilboy128

    this is probably the dumbest thing you have ever written…and that is saying something. Guess we should have an unpredictable quarterback like Vince Young or Rex Grossman. crazy

    • zoltanfrombudapest

      I see many truth in this article; and I get what Terry explains here. It is not dumb – unpredictable can be a good thing if you always surprise the opponent with good plays.)

      (And by the way David is also sometimes unpredictable -redhot in 1 game; icecold in teh next)

    • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa

      I just think there is a difference between a QB who is executing plays and one who is commanding the game. David can let go of the ball faster, and should not have to be told how to read a defense and not take a sack. Seriously, do you have to tell an elite QB to not take a sack in the red zone? Seriously, do you have to tell a guy not to check off if the defense is on to it? I want David to use his own brain and be successful and not wait to be told what to do. Simple as that.

  • zoltanfrombudapest

    Once again- an article right on the money Terry. I like these kind of pieces instead of “David is a bad QB’ type of writing.

  • http://bigcatcountry.com Collin

    This may be one of the BEST articles I’ve read over here in a week or two.

    You’re absolutely on the money. David is just like a robot, so much so it’s scary. I know people just like that in the everyday world and I think you may have just figured out his personality. That would explain why he handles criticism so well… It’s like water off a duck’s back to him.

    This is a big year for David, if he tanks again we may have to seek an “upgrade” at the position… haha


    • zoltanfrombudapest

      I agree 100% Collin. I stick with David for this last time; but now he must show something – or I will be the most active campaigner (After Jon of course) for drafting Christian Ponder in the 1st round next year.

  • leon k

    evilboy128…..how terrible it must be for you, you decide to boycott bigcatcountry because of alfie’s honest opinions but they seem to follow you wherever you go….you sound like a 12 year old die-hard fan who thinks everyone on his team is the best no matter what…i dont have a problem with you thinking that garrard is a great Q.B BECAUSE THATS YOUR OPINION, the problem everyone has is that you dont allow anyone else to have an opinion that you disagree with. you get personal and thats a terrible thing and VERY annoying..why dont you express yourself instead and explain what YOU think about garrard and why you think everyone else is wrong..

    oh more thing: did you imply that garrard is predictable? why dont you explain that, i find him to be one of the most inconsistent q.b’s. he’s predictably unpredictable

    • zoltanfrombudapest

      Now I agree we must be critical of every player; coach and even Gene (boy; my concerns are started to grow even in him!).
      But to be fair; calling David everytime out is not the answer either. I guess already he knows; what are stakes for him. I hope he knows nothing will defend him; if he produce another inconsistent season.

      But in the other hand; I don’t like writers who sounds like a broken record bashing their teams QB either! Help is not on the way folks. This team rise or fall with David this year. If gene wanted to upgrade the position he would did it a long ago. He brought Luke McCown in last year; so far he is not closing the gap of David. Gene decided decided to NOT take a QB at the draft; and not trade for a new QB; so he think David is the man for this year. And what is the motto/battlecry these days? “In Gene we trust” right?

      • http://bigcatcountry.com Collin

        To be honest Zoltan, I am with you bud. If Alualu doesn’t show to be a dominant player, and I think that’s a reasonable question, then my faith in Gene will slightly waiver.

        Alualu was such a reach in everyone’s opinion that I have to see him perform on the field. Hopefully he plays this Friday.

        As for the rest of the draft, we need to see something from Hart and Lane, because besides that we only have a tiny punt returner from a small school, and a tiny RB who has to show he can handle the NFL.

        There’s a reason there aren’t more players MJD’s size around… They can’t take the punishment. We’ll see if Deji falls into that category.

        Interesting season that’s for sure!

    • evilboy128

      I’m Not boycotting them…I was banned…there is a difference. I ended my opposition of Alfie because I realized that his site now and not the Jaguars fans site. I never said David Garrard is great..I just don’t think he is as bad as everyone paints him to be. I am sorry that everyone thinks I am sad and pathetic because I choose not to be as negative as them in regards to my quarterback or my team. It’s great that you “think” it must be terrible for me. And believe it or not, I don’t take it as personally as others seems too…soo much so that others feel the need to ban me or call me a troll for having a opposing view point. You find him to be preditably unpredictable…fine…I say nothing against your opinion as expressing any opinion other than the opinion than the author gets you called out as “misbegotten” as well as other more colorful adjectives…all I did is present another point of view..something advertised as wanted but clearly is not truly desired.

      • Luke

        I apologize for calling your opinion misbegotten sir. It was quite rude of me and I should have been far more courteous. I wasn’t too impressed with the way your first comment was written however, and thus wrote misbegotten. My apologies, I hope you can accept it.