Things I am excited about

I can’t help but be excited about the Jaguars. I have been excited about this season for some time but here are some things I have seen that make me even more optimistic:

Mike Thomas dropped my jaw at mini camp. No one has written or spoken about this, but Mike Thomas was making cuts in his routes I didn’t see last year. He has really developed and I think he will be a very big surprise this year.

Alualu is the real deal. Not just as a player but as a leader as well. He is clearly emerging as a leader in work effort and talent along the defensive line. He will raise everyone’s game by example. Just as Michael Jordan lifted Scotty Pippen, Tyson Alualu will lift Terrance Knighton and Derrick Harvey to new levels.

Kirk Morrison is a fantastic addition to this team. He is not only a spark plug, but he is a rushing the QB linebacker. He will let Daryl Smith be all he can be. Sounds like an Army commercial, but it is true. Kirk Morrison is the real deal as well.

And there is more! After the jump, we will discuss more reasons our sun is rising…

Joe Cullen, despite his past, is a real real good coach. Do not under estimate his impact on this line and this defense.

The offensive line will not be embarrassed again this year. Vince Manuwai moving over to Eben Britton’s side will create an absolute challenge to every defense. They will be that good!

Eugene Monroe was fantastic in his early appearance. The only man Tyson could not beat was Eugene. Monroe is a pro bowl caliber tackle, mark my words.

Mike Sims-Walker declared himself a pro bowl caliber receiver. I expect him to live up to that.

Karim Deji looks to be a very impresive guy. I didn’t see much of him, but his presence is unmistakable. Look out Rashad Jennings, there is a new man in town, That competition should spur action.

MoJo is Mojo and his leadership will be unmistakable and invaluable.

I worry about the secondary and I worry about David Garrard. Somehow I see problems in this area which tells me Gene is one more year away from his Championship rebuilding. That is fine. Gene has a firm hand on the rudder of this ship.

Ticket sales are good! You can buy a season ticket right now and probably scalp half the games and make your money back. Tim Tebow’s return to Jacksonville will be a hot ticket.

I see problems around the AFC South. Tennessee looks very unsettled right now and the Texans still have Kubiak. We have an opening. One more year for Peyton Manning before the light begins to dim. Our time is emerging.

We thought Russ Purnell was the worst coach of Special Teams ever. It hasn’t turned out to be true. Indy still has problems in this area without him. Russ has earned my respect. He did a nice job last year and has even more impressive players to utilize this year.

This might be the greatest redemption year for Jack Del Rio yet. That cat has nine lives, but he might turn out to be a real good coach after all.  I think Jack will love this season.

That right there is enough to be happy about but let me give you one more. My favorite guy, Jarrett Dillard looks to be completely healthy and ready to compete. What a talent he is.

I saw a real good showing at mini camp. I saw a new attitude, one I never saw before. If you have doubts in this team, I understand that. But something is different, something very positive is different. Are you ready for some football? I think the Jaguars are! Tell me I am wrong, go ahead. I don’t think I am.

- Terry O’Brien

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  • zoltanfrombudapest

    Wow; Terry; after reading this I’M exited too. I share all the things you wrote about.

    I hope the Jaguars will be lucky with the injuries; because if so; and the Front 7 will function as we expected; look out.
    The only REAL fear for me is safety in my opinion; and soon you can read about why….

    • JagHack

      Can’t wait Zoltan

  • Collin

    Great piece… I wish I was there to see the camp… Got any more pictures? The youtube videos are clever and enjoyable, and I wish I could post them at BCC, but I would never do that as I’m sure that type of content is driving your hits. Just wait until training camp…

    The vid of Dillard was SICK… The comparison to Osgood was well done and showed exactly what a player is supposed to look like when making a cut (Dillard)… Brilliant pictures. You timed them perfectly.

    More pictures and notes like this… I love the bullet point format, maybe do bullet points even… like BWFull and his Wind sprints…

    • tkopa

      A lot more pictures to come. Thanks Collin!

  • keithg

    Damn, now I’m even more excited about football… cannot wait for the season to start!

  • JagHack

    You got my excited too Terry! I also noticed a lot of energy on the defense last weekend. It was good to see.

  • JagSoldier

    Im fired up about this season. I only have 25 days left and im home Baby. I wont miss a single game. I not trying to sound like a homer but I honestly believe that if the young improve like we expect and there is a real pass rush and Garrard improves a bit more then I dont see any reason why we cant win more than 8-9 games. I really dont. This year will be fun. Alualu is my defensive ROY!

  • acedarney

    Two things I’m concerned about: injuries and the schedule.

    This team doesn’t have enough depth to overcome injuries, especially along both lines and in the secondary. Also, it would stunt the growth of the young talent.

    This will be a tough schedule that could see the Jaguars trying to dig out of a hole early. Fortunately, the team should improve as the season progresses.

  • Patrick

    Why do you let people come here and say that crap (prior post)? Hey, How’d your MVP do in the post season? Oh wait, he choked again. Nice job being the Buffalo Bills of the new millennium. Sorry to do a little defending there.

    Much cause for being anxious and excited, the defense will be a force.

    • tkopa

      The post you refer to somehow vanished.

      I agree. This site is for intelligent dialog. We can challenge each other and we can discuss, but discuss doesn’t mean disqusting. Thanks for defending us!

  • Pete

    I definitely don’t think Peyton is anywhere near finished. Look at Favre, he’s still ripping it and he’s 40. Peyton may even be able to go beyond what Brett has achieved because he doesn’t take many hits. The key with Indy is there O line. Now, moving on to the Jags, theres reasons to be happy about. It seems most of the team is progressing nicely and if thats the case we could be in for a pleasant suprise.

    • tkopa


  • JagHack

    keyboard tough guy

  • viator

    Great work, Terry. Very inspiring. I’m excited as well. Go Jags!

  • homebiscuit

    I’m a first year season ticket holder and am absolutely ate up with anticipation about this season.

    On a side note, according to Vic Ketchman on the Jaguars This Week radio show, Mike Thomas has aggravated his old injury (hamstring? groin?), so he is questionable right now.

    • zoltanfrombudapest

      That can be healed for teh season; Training camp is 3 months away. It is a concern but a minor one- I hope

      I also hope and wish; that you will like your 1st year at the stands in the “Jack” this season!

      • tkopa

        Glad you found us HomeBiscuit

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