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Hello! We have been away for awhile.  I had some work done in the home and now have a new wonderful office to write from.  Maybe it will inspire! Zoltan is now convinced he has found Derek Cox II for 2010. Tomorrow I will publish his research.  I do admire him. From Budapest; Hungary, he has formed relationships with beat writers in Jacksonville and does the best blog research I know of.

Jeanne promised to post another video blog. I hate to bother her, but I do enjoy seeing and hearing from her.  She is not only beautiful, she has top end intelligence and is very articulate. Maybe this public plea will work and she will record something for us.

 It is always interesting to see an article about Jack Del Rio. People are always on the fence about Jack, always deserves another year to prove himself. I have two issues with Jack. First, I don’t think of him as a Jacksonville guy. He lives here, he coaches here, but he doesn’t really invest himself here. The big rally for ticket sales, no Jack. He isn’t the face of the franchise or the motivational center for the fans. Should he be? I don’t know. Maybe he does more than I know.

Second is I think his standards for good play are lower than a top coach should have. He defends mediocrity a lot and makes team captains out of players who haven’t earned it.  I think he is trying to motivate, but to me the best motivation is recognizing talent and getting the most out of it.  I just don’t see that in him. 

So good luck Jack, we don’t hate you. That’s the best I have to give to him.

The new NFL is emerging and it involves no salary floor. Teams will be allowed to spend as little as they want on talent. For teams like Jacksonville, that means saying goodbye to good talent a year early. If John Henderson at $3 million plus doesn’t have a standout year, trade bait. If Rashean Mathis at $4 million a year doesn’t have a standout year, trade bait.  Gene Smith will be a hungry guy for new talent. If you are on the backside of your career carrying a heavy salary, adios amigo. That will be the Jaguar experience. 

If you don’t believe me, here are your top 20 players by salary in 2008. Hint, count the current players on this list:

David Garrard, Drayton Florence, Brian Williams, Jerry Porter, Fred Taylor, Mike Peterson, Paul Spicer, Reggie Hayward, Tony Pashos, Rashean Mathis, Rob Meier, Cleo Lemon, Brad Meester, John Henderson, Greg Jones, Dennis Northcutt, Derrick Harvey, Matt Jones, Reggie Williams, and Daryl Smith.

The new labor agreement will be a hard fought battle for this union and I don’t expect them to win anything. If they were smart, they would shoot for better pension benefits.

Gene Smith has the following draft selections this year: #10, #74, #108, #143, #180, and #203.  In short, he has two shots at top talent and then has to dig deep for talent late in the draft.  Everyone wants him to move down in the draft, but who wants to move up?  I ask that every year and someone always does, so maybe it will happen.  If Ozzie Newsome calls, ask him who he is interested in and then draft him. Ozzie has become the top talent selector in the NFL (in my opinion). Gene will need two more good years to reach top status. Hope for our sake he makes it.

Wayne Weaver is encouraged by ticket sales. If every Jaguar game is televised, this city should be proud. They do love their Jaguars and this is a good football town. I am tired of hearing people knock it. My salute to TeamTeal, they are making a difference.

Sorry for the brief absence, we are back and ready to roll. So how are you feeling about the upcoming season? Leave a comment.

- Terry O’Brien

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  • zoltanfrombudapest

    Wow- let’s see.
    2010- 7 players remained (if we count out Reggie Hayward) from that 20 players…That is big.
    I agree with you that some players we love right now; and did much for this team can see for new team soon. And yeah Henderson and Mathis are top candidates. Big John has not much left although; if the Jaguars didn’t get a high pick for him; keep this year. Mathis-injuries and bad games(seattle) are flags that the best defensive players is maybe on the other side of the mountain.. I start to understand why he wantr a new contract now. I think he hopes that the Jaguars don’t bring in Haden…

    Jack-I think he is started to appaer iin the ticket rallies lately. I not gonna lie; dispite all the concerns I ghave; I’M still a Pro Jack guy; I was happy that he stayed; cause this year was bad for HC hiring. (Bills-Chen Gaily-I’m telling you the Jaguars could bring a guy in Gailey’s caliber at best this year. So I hink we were lucky.) I think if he is smart he is knowing that his seat is redhot; he faces a very tough schedule; and must gp to the postseason to keep his job. I don’t want to be in his position right now. If he’ll survive this season-it means just good for us.

    Gene: Th more the talk about we can trade down; the less I think that will happen. Gene will fac THE TOUGHEST DRAFT OF HIS LIFE: He must hit a BIG home run; with the 1st rounder. Because we all know who…If he is lucy and the reports are true; that teams might picks in the 1st or early 2nd round Tebow; he must do it once. If he is still on board when the Jaguars pick their second guy; well he must be the coldhearted; stick with BAP; I’M a scout not a PR guy mentality. I think he will do a good job this year. But I’M afraid to tell he must do GREAT in end of April.

    Tickets: I’m happy about the ticketsales; and I’M trying to be optimistic; but I share Vic Ketchman’s view about it. We are far from being saved. 50% of the tickets are STILL UNSOLD! The Whale is moving; but not escaped yet…

    I’m glad we will hear from Jeanne soon; so your teaser Terry is great news. And did I found this year’s Derek Cox? I think yes; although I hope Gene will back me on April 23rd!

  • JagHack

    Jack has been participating in some of the Team Teal events. He was also at the March Madness event last week.

    • http://www.bigcatcountry.com tkopa

      That is good to hear. I wasn’t in touch to know that. I just feel like it is something he is asked to do as opposed to asking to do. Am I wrong?

  • JagHack

    Can’t be too sure of that. But I think the media and fans alike tend to make assumptions based on incomplete information quite often. I will say this-I watched Jack speak at a Team Teal event last week and he seemed genuine to me. I’m also a homer for this team and remain a Jack supporter, so take that with a grain of salt.

  • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa

    I think being a Jack supporter is fair. I just struggle with him, but we could be doing a lot worse. Looking around the NFL proves that. I just feel ready to get excited about the Jaguars and wish someone other than Tony and Wayne could be that center. Jack likes to dampen down expectations. I want to upin up expectations!

    Thanks for writing!

  • JagSoldier

    I dont want to sound like an ass but I would fully support a trade for both Mathis and Henderson. They still have a lot of good football in them but they are only going to get worse at this point in their careers. I think this season would be the perfect time to trade away the past and build the future. The schedule is tough and I personally dont see us winning more than 9 games, but thats just my opinion. Gene needs to stock pile the draft picks.

  • zoltanfrombudapest

    I think they can be end up both in the trading block this draft; but I hope both stays for now.

    BY the way congartulation; I saw you question was selcted in the Thursday edition of Ask Vic.

  • alwaysforgiven821

    I think that one of the reasons a lot of people think he (Jack) hasn’t shown up for rallies and the like is because he was absent for the big one with Wayne, Tony B., Gene and so forth. I know where he was because I was listening to him on the radio – he was speaking. His contract with the radio came first. He just couldn’t make it to the rally in time.

    Of course, I am a major Jack supporter, too…

  • JagSoldier

    Thanks Zoltan, I think thaqt was my 5th one so far. Its always cool and it never gets old. Im just tired of all the rule changes. I like football right now so I dont see why they need to continuously change it.

  • zoltanfrombudapest

    yeah that OT rule change was a stupid move by Goodell. I’M stunned about the owners though. I agree with Sean Payton and Jack Del Rio (and Gene Frenette): When something isn’t broke don’t fix it!