Just some hunches for the draft

I was watching some 2007 Jaguar games and reflecting.  What happened to the Jaguars and will they be back in for for 2010?  I don’t know.

One thing is certain, each team, each year is different.  In today’s NFL, the roster turnover is approaching 25% per team.  This is getting closer to baseball than the old NFL ever was.  With that backdrop, here are some hunches for 2010.

This draft is filled with decent offensive linemen later in the draft. With guys like Kyle Calloway from Iowa, Vladimir Ducasse from Massachusettes, Jason Fox from Miami, and Mike Johnson from Alabama, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Gene stock the offensive line. I do think the Jaguars will start the year with our current offensive line, but add backups and competition. How far would Pouncey fall?  I don’t see first round for him, but third round? Maybe.

I can’t rule out a first round draft choice being a quarterback.  I think if Sam Bradford is available, it will be a hard decision.  One thing that struck me about 2007 was how sharp David Garrard looked and less sharp he looked in 2009.  I think they know David’s days are numbered and I can’t help but think this is an area of concern for the club.  If not a first round selection, Jarrett Brown from West Virginia looks to be a good value pick later in the draft.

The defense clearly needs help, but not at corner. I think they are sold on Derek Cox and Rashean Mathis as starters. Tyron Brackenridge also played well.  The obvious need is Defensive End, but the top first round guys rarely work out.  Guys like Koa Misi from Utah or Austin Lane from Murray State might provide value.  We need to watch the combines to see what the defensive line guys look like.

A new Wide Receiver might be in the mix, but letting Torry Holt go seems to indicate they want the rookies from last year to get more time.  I don’t know if they go wide receiver in this draft.  Certainly there are a lot of them this year and anyone from Cincinnati might be attractive. Marty Gilyard is a smart player that Gene might latch on to.

I don’t see them going with a running back in this draft. 

So my hunches are the lines, defensive and offensive lines get shored up and possibly quarterback.  I don’t know if a Safety is worth taking.  It just looks like the meat of this draft where the Jaguars will be drafting is just were they need help, the lines.  

Do you see it any different?

 - Terry O’Brien

  • JagHack


  • jonathan

    Meh on a QB. If the helmet Bradford had on had TT on it instead of OU, he wouldn’t be in first round consideration.

    Clausen? I really think he’s going to be Ryan Leaf 2.0 with his maturity.

    Rolando McClain, Joe Haden, CJ Spiller, Derrick Morgan, Nate Allen, all make more sense than any QB. The 2011 draft is going to be neck deep in good QBs, take one then.

  • http://www.bigcatcountry.com tkopa


    Just can’t rule it out, that’s all. Completely not sold on C.J. Spiller or Derek Morgan. Predicting they fall.

  • zoltanfrombudapest

    Nice write up Terry. I’§M not sold on Bradford because the injury he had… If he get a David ’08-09 kind of year in protection-He’s career is over.

    I wanna see a C/G got drafted in this draft.

    Defense: I think Lane is the guy Gene looking at. Let’s hope McClain is still in cause he is the pick.

    WR-Sleeper: Youngtown WR Donald Jones. He will be the new guy!!! Jags scouted him; he is not looking bad. He might be selected/signed by UDFA!

    Nice aricle Terry!

  • surteal

    if we get a RB, ANthony Dixon in the 3rd would do good. I’m not on the Spiller thing happening. He’s gonna remind someone of chris johnson.

    If Bradford’s healthy, i would love a trade up. For the first time, i don’t care what it would cost.

    Think with me, the nfl will turn into nothing but sread offenses in 10 years. The saints dont’ even run to win the Super Bowl. Bradford could do that. We all know it. Book-end tackles with multi-wr sets and a highly accurate passer with elite footwork…..

    just sayin….

  • surteal

    let me clarify:
    Spiller will get drafted high

  • gb


    after watching this video i would not be upset with drafting spiller…

  • zoltanfrombudapest

    I would take Spiller; Terry don’t-but we are ok with that!

  • http://www.bigcatcountry.com tkopa

    I have a friend who follows Clemson football as if it is a religion. He graduated from there and maintains the ties to the school. Never misses a game. He believes C.J. Spiller will be fragile in the NFL. He doesn’t think he has the size or body to take the pounding. He gives him 2 years in the NFL. This is a guy who loves Clemson and is his honest opinion.

  • surteal

    that is intriguing

  • gehs72

    The QB from Central Michigan (Lefevre??) is a leader, coachable, and appears to have good mechanics. He’d be a good pick if he lasts into the 3rd or 4th Rd.

  • joeforjesus2009

    I like McCluster and Valdimer Ducasse (he is big and is someone who has the strength to play Guard also Big cat country did a review on a guy from Cal named Tripper like him too) but i know a lot of people are going to get for this but i honestly feel that we are going to be drafting Tebow (he is already doing deals and appearances with MJD)so something is in the works that Gene and Co is not letting out of the bag yet