No Tim Tebow Hatred Here!

When you read about the Jaguars as much as I do, you don’t go a day without seeing Tim Tebow’s name come up and usually not in a kind way.  The Tebow attacks seemed to intensify after the Senior Bowl.  Now even Uche Nwaneri (I assume it was him) weighed in on the negative side.  I don’t know why.  I have never seen this intensity concerning a college quarterback before, ever. The thing that dismays me the most is Tim Tebow has never done anything to provoke it.  Let’s review what Tim has said:

Did he ever demand to be a first round draft choice? No, he said he wants a chance.

Did he say he would only play quarterback in the NFL? No, he said he wants a chance to play quarterback but if it isn’t to be he accepts that.

Did he say he wouldn’t try to change if needed? No, he said he would work harder than anyone to be good and if they coach him, he will learn.

Does any of this sound like a guy who deserves the negative intensity he receives?  Not to me it doesn’t.

What is justified is to discuss the mountain Tim would have to climb to be a good quarterback.  Take a look at this picture:

With Tim’s long front stride and deep arm drop, this situation would be a sack, a fumble or a scramble for him.  For David, it was a touchdown pass.  Tim can’t get the ball out of tight places and that is all. No hatred, no mocking, no character assassination, just a simple observation, he needs work.

When I moved down to Jacksonville the first name I heard was Tim Tebow. In his freshman year I thought he was a bit of a novelty. I running kid with a trick jump pass. Very amusing. I didn’t think he could throw.

In his sophmore year I was shocked. Tim could throw. He won the Heisman that year and I admitted he was good.  Probably couldn’t win a big game, but he could throw.

In his junior year I was amazed again. Tim could handle pressure and win a big game. Tim Tebow had grown up quickly and advanced his skills again.

In his senior year I saw the effect of the concussion. Tim didn’t look the same after that. I thought the blow to the head took his courage away. I thought that until the Sugar Bowl. What he did to Cincinnati was ridiculous.  As Brian Billick said on air “How good must Alabama’s defense be?” I agree.

My point is this, Tim Tebow advanced and grew every year he played.  From what I saw, he got better as an all-around player, much better, each year.  He promises to bring that dedication to the NFL.

So where does he stand?  To me a first round draft choice can play immediately. I don’t think Tim can. He needs to go to work and start from scratch to learn everything over. He needs to tear himself down and rebuild everything about his play.  I think he will do that. I think it will take three years.  He will learn in 2010 and 2011 and part of 2012. By 2012 I think you will see a real NFL quarterback with a bright future ahead.

Unfortunately, you do not draft a guy in the first round to rebuild him for three years. You do that in the third round.  Tim Tebow, as a third round prospect, will be hard to pass up.  I think the team that does pick him knows what they have to do. I think Tim knows what he has to do.  Will Tim Tebow be happy as a third round selection with years of hard work ahead?  Isn’t that exactly what he is asking for? All he ever said was give me a chance and coach me, I’m all in.

Hate Tim Tebow? I think not. Jacksonville has every reason to be proud of him. I think they will have more reasons in the near future.  Tim Tebow, I applaud you and wish you the best.

 - Terry O’Brien

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  • Walt in Tampa

    Tampa Bay Fan

    If the Jaguars draft Tim Tebow we’re buying 4 season tickets

  • tkopa

    Buy them anyway! You will enjoy it.

  • keithg

    I have no hate for Tim Tebow. But, like you, I don’t see him as being anything close to an NFL quality player right now.

    I do get seriously annoyed with the people who think Tim Tebow is the saviour of this franchise. The Jags roster has plenty of players who are better than Tebow…. and right now, that includes David Garrard.

    Walt, I implore you to support the team irrespective of whether we draft Tim or not.

  • zoltanfrombudapest

    I don’t think he will last until the 3rd…

    So if the Jaguars do not have their 2nd rounder back-we cannot worry about him. I wonder if he would be not a popularr someone in the Jags locker room either….

  • Surteal

    i think he would last to the 4th but Al Davis will throw a wrench in everyones plans

    I hear your points, Terry. I’m with ya. I’m just tired of hearing about him, one way or the other. The media gets ridiculous.

    Remember when the Texans were trampled for not drafting reggie bush? or vy? Why can’t they just be objective like this ?

  • jags maybe fan

    Well I guess no one every told Uche, if you don’t have anything nice to say. Shut it.

    Yes, I’m a Tebow fan. Not just because I’m a Gator Fan, but because of who he is, what he does outside of football and what he strives to be. It is a nice change of pace in this world.

    Will Tebow make it in the NFL. NO ONE KNOWS! Especially Uche. But here is a fact. No one believed Tebow would be successful at Florida. The records speak for themselves.

    Finally, Tebow didn’t asks for this STORM of media attention. If your tired of hearing about him tell the media to Shut It! AND Uche, please don’t be a hater.

  • Bryan

    The best thing for Tebow to do is to NOT get drafted by the Jaguars.

    If he does expect the calls for Tebow to over Garrard to be deafening from the Gator minority.

    The only way Tebow makes it in the NFL would be as a TE/H-Back hybrid or possibly a Safety. The throwing deficiencies do not go away as we all saw with Byron Leftwich

    As for why the hate on Tebow, part of it has to do with the WWL shoving Tebow down everyone’s throats plus his openness about his religion which rubs people the wrong way. Add on the fact he’s in a commerical during the Super Bowl which politicizes religion which again will rub people the wrong way.

    The best way for Tebow to probably lessen the hate would be to sit down, shut up and stay as far away from the tv cameras until the Combine and then the draft

  • David L. Gray Sr.

    Tim’s throwing dynamics were questioned in an interview with his coaches early on in his college career, but he was winning so they didn’t want to mess with success. For his sake long term, I wish they had. UF has developed a highly technical sensory camera training system that could have made the changes he needs. If Sam Bradshaw(OK)or Colt McCoy(TX) had of played teams with defenses to stop the pass as Tim did, they wouldn’t have had lopsided passing stats and Tim would have won a 2nd Heisman. That’s how good he is. He hasn’t had the same edge since his concussion, but he will successfully rise above this in the NFL as his dedication and determination to retrain make him reach beyond the challenges he now pursues to reach football greatness at the next level….we need to be there for him every step of the way and it is my prayer that God wll bless him to that end…….

  • David L. Gray Sr.

    Tim’s throwing dynamics were questioned in an interview with his coaches early on in his college career, but he was winning so they didn’t want to mess with success. For his sake long term, I wish they had. UF has developed a highly technical sensory camera training system that could have made the changes he needs. If Sam Bradshaw(OK)or Colt McCoy(TX) had of played teams with defenses to stop the pass as Tim did, they wouldn’t have had lopsided passing stats and Tim would have won a 2nd Heisman. That’s how good he is. He hasn’t had the same edge since his concussion, but he will successfully rise above this in the NFL as his dedication and determination to retrain make him reach beyond the challenges he now pursues to reach football greatness at the next level….we need to be there for him every step of the way and it is my prayer that God will bless him to that end…….

    • tkopa

      Thank you. You wrote my thoughts in a much more elequent fashion. It was a pleasure to have you visit.

  • keithg

    This whole “dedication and determination” thing bothers me. Not because I doubt Tim has it, but because the implication is that he is the only one at NFL level who has it.

    Personally, I think every NFL team has at least 50 players who are as driven to succeed as Tim Tebow. Most are not vocal about it, but at the end of the day, this dedication to improve is a necessity for any player to last in the NFL. However, it’s not enough on it’s own.

    Being successful at NFL level must involve a LOT more than just determination to succeed…. purely because EVERY player you go up against has that same desire.

  • David L. Gray Sr.

    Sorry to disagree. But every player who doesn’t have heart, complains, is in trouble with the law, has public spousal and girlfriend problems, don’t think they are a role model, think sportsmanship is not part of the game, are in it for the pay check and potential glory (fading as it is), etc., etc. are there because its a job they can do. And, I give them (all 1000 +, NFL “journeyman” Players) their due, and credit for that. But there are only an additional 384+ players that are “Master” Professional Players” in this game because they have the same combination of qualities such as devotion, dedication, and intensity of work ethic in training and playing that the Tim Tebows’ of this world have or they wouldn’t be playing at this level now. There are 64+ NFL quarterbacks, but only 32+ who play every week and only a portion of those who are successful. I know this game and our society is caught up in winning, “the spoils of war” you might say. But for me its the competing and how you compete that makes you the winner, and not a loser because we can’t all be No. 1 or Numero Uno in life. Fran Tarkenton, Kinney Anderson,Danny White Dan Marino and many others at the quarterback level have given the game of professional football its nobler character, they were successful workhorses in the trenches who gave us tremendous games,and a lifetime of memories especially in their contribution and commitment to their communities and our country, but yet they never won a Numero Uno. There are others such as Terry Bradshaw, Steve Young, and Kurt Warner who were humble winners and givers as above. The common denominator that sets all these men apart from the pack are the combination of qualities that I proffered in the beginning .

  • viator

    Brilliant work, Terry. It’s not his fault that people are so vicious and venomous. It’s the media and his fans that have created the negativity. Too much of anything will eventually make people sick. If we do draft him, I hope that people will realize that he is a human being and doesn’t deserve their miserable hatred. I wish the Jags would draft him, regardless of the negative attitudes. I believe with time he’ll be great. I for one, will be there to return fire. If you’re going to take a shot at someone, don’t be appalled when the tables are turned.

  • Bryan

    Viator – Except it is partially his fault. If you wear your religion on your sleeve (or in his case, his eyeblack) are in a controversial commercial promoting a story which people are saying is a lie you end up bringing the attention.

    • tkopa

      I think these comment are completely out of line. A peson’s religion and his testimony to that are not reasons for hatred.

  • Viator

    Byran – Well I guess he should have cowered about his beliefs, and hid them. But men stand up for what they believe. They don’t allow the media or the lost to dictate how they make their stand. Cowardice is obviously contagious, we’re inundated with it on a daily basis. Maybe you’d like it better if he’d of kept his mouth shut and strapped a weapon in his briefs and showed his belief with a big bang?

  • harperslaw

    I guess I’m in the anti-Tebow crowd, but it’s not because of his religious fervor; I actually admire that about Tebow. I admire that in this supposed age of political correctness he actually speaks for what he believes.

    My issue with Tebow is the rabid infatuation UF/some Jaguar fans show for Tebow. His arm strength is…meh at best, his accuracy is spotty, his delivery is janked, and I doubt his ability to be an NFL quarterback.

    I hope he proves me wrong; he seems like a genuine, tough, good guy, but I don’t want to see the Jags invest a 1st or even a 2nd rounder on him.

  • Jonathan Loesche

    Personally, I love Tim Tebow and will buy a #15 Teal Jersey Day 1

  • zoltanfrombudapest

    Was that a piece of sarcasm John?????

  • Bryan

    Terry – In case you haven’t noticed we have thousands of people protesting things in this country due to religious intolerance and political intolerance. So of course that’s going to come into play when ANY public figure lays their religion out like that.

    As for the ad, when you do an ad for a organization that spends time promoting things like “Obama’s America” which describes an imagined American future in which “many of our freedoms have been taken away by a liberal Supreme Court of the United States and a majority of Democrats in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.” When you have 4,282,074 Floridians voting for Obama you could see where this would turn some people off.

    Personally I am in favor of the ad because Tebow’s mother had a choice and took it. Of course the irony is that the organization promoting the ad would want to take that choice away but that’s for another site.

    Viator – I don’t see BYU, Boston College, or Notre Dame players constantly preaching their religion during sporting events. Full disclosure I’m agnostic, I’m sure there is a God but I don’t think any religion is right about Him/Her. With more than 20% of this country not believing in Jesus Christ I could see why those watching sporting events would not want to see this display DURING a sporting event. On the bright side for Tebow he CANNOT do his eyeblack preaching in the NFL so that should lessen this.

    You know how I want my athletes to show their beliefs. In private, just like I do, and my neighbors do. I do like how you equate the lack of Christianity to a gun shooting though.

    As for why I don’t like Tebow, it’s because he’s a gimmick quarterback with NO shot at playing QB in the NFL. I don’t like his politics or his involvement with Focus on the Family because of my politics which is yes my own problem with political intolerance

  • viator

    John – Hilarious, you made me laugh a little.

    Byran – I just threw up a little. Seriously, religion and politics, here? I didn’t mean gun, I was alluding more toward a less passive way of expressing religious fervor…you know, like an IED.

    You should watch the intolerance, it’s what civil rights activists have been standing against for decades. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, you should practice what has been preached. Live and let live, lest your view lead to violence anew.

  • viator

    harperslaw – You are dead on. I believe Vic said it too, his supporters have created the counter-culture against him. That is, other than those that will spawn hate from a difference of opinion in religion or politics…those that are intolerant of diversity (in reverse, ironically enough).

    How would you feel about Tim in the 3rd?

  • Bryan

    Viator – I apologize then I made the false assumption that you were making a reference to “thug” players.

  • keithg

    Tim in the 3rd round? No thanks. Maybe this last season spoiled me, but I expect a 3rd round pick to start a lot of games and be productive (sort of like Knighton and Cox). Drafting a project in the 3rd round, especially when you don’t have a 2nd round pick, would be amazingly dumb. Essentially you are saying you are going to pick ONE guy in this draft that you expect to make an immediate difference. Crazy.

    Tim Tebow has, in my opinion, been done a major disservice by both the media and his fanbase. Telling any NFL team (and it’s established NFL calibre players) that they NEED a college player to be successful is a recipe for disaster. How do you think Mojo feels when told that the Jags can win…. IF they draft Tebow?

    Sadly, Tebow is possibly the most polarizing draft prospect any NFL team has ever seen. Through no fault of his own. Either way, I really hope we don’t draft him. Even if we drafted him in the 7th round, it would divide this fanbase. And one thing this franchise does NOT need is a divided fanbase.

  • viator

    Bryan – No need for apology, my brother. We’re all singing a song together. Even if we can’t harmonize.

    Keith – I think you’re misreading the climate here in Jacksonville. Even those that are the most rigidly set against taking him too high are not so opposed that they would withdraw their support of the Jags. And those that do, we are better off without anyway. The same is true in reverse: any fan that would jump ship if we don’t draft him we can do without as well. And good riddance. We’ll keep our Jags here, I ain’t scared.

    The internet is where most of the animosity swirls. Here in town, even the ‘Noles libs don’t hate him so much that they would turn their backs on our team. I’ll admit, if he is taken in the 1st there will be an outcry from many, but the later the round the less the gnashing of teeth will be heard here. Maybe the ‘internet fanbase’ will see division, but we can’t feel that at One Stadium Place, 32202. It’s the ticket buyers that have to keep their heads on straight. The rest can rend their clothes and beat the ground. We’ll still be around. Bet money.

  • viator

    *and…I meant to say ‘even the Noles and libs’.

  • keithg

    I hope you are right, Viator. I seem to remember some chants for Tebow at the stadium last year when Garrard had a bad throw. And I’ve seen the way some people have reacted to Uche’s comments on Tebow. Neither of which makes me feel certain that the animosity will go away.

    Personally, I hope we don’t draft him. But, if we do… I’m going to support the guy and hope like hell his determination to succeed will allow him to learn how to be a very good QB (what’s the point in drafting a QB if he isn’t going to be a significant upgrade over what you’ve got?).

  • viator

    I see what you’re saying. The problem is people are pliable. You’re going to have stupid people chanting stupid things no matter the situation or scenario. When people gather they tend to take on a mob mentality. All but the strongest of individuals with good minds, that is. I don’t chant, and I don’t gang up. I like method not madness. Hell, I don’t even like the ‘move the chains’ chant.

    The ‘point’ would be a driving belief that he will be better, thus the decision to draft and not pass. If that is how it plays out. I think the scouts will make the right call.

  • zoltanfrombudapest

    In a Jaguars theme topic you can expected record portion of comments when you have a Tebow article…

    BUt this one is really deserving that. Terry; this is a masterpiece; I just can’t repeat that enough!

  • tkopa

    Thank you Z

  • Hokie

    Tebow will not have time to take 3 years in Jacksonville to learn. The first game that David does badly in the calls for Tebow will start. Next thing you know he will be rushed into the starting quarterback position (think Byron) and he will never develop fully. I would like to see Tim do well, so I think he should get as far away from Florida as he can. I vote for New England.

  • Anon

    The radical nature of the Tebow crowd bothers me. Anyone who says something negative about him is added to the sh*t list.(See Uche) I can see it now if Tebow were to go to Jax, half of the stadium is chanting his name while he sits the bench and whenever Garrard happens to do something wrong his name is chanted louder. I hope I do not see the day that Garrard gets hit hard and looks to be down, and the crowd would cheer. But I can see it happening with the Tebow fanatics, and it makes me sick.