The best 10th round draft selection ever

WOW! Meet your new Coaches! Jaguars got this right!

I couldn’t be more pleased with the announcement, or pending announcement, of Ernest Byner and Rob Boras as new assistant coaches.  Take nothing away from Mike Tice and Kennedy Pola, both are top quality men and coaches.  I hope the best for them both, but their replacements are fantastic!     

95 Catches!!!

Let’s start with Rob Boras.  If there has been one thing the Chicago Bears could count on, it was the play of the Tight Ends.  In 2008, Desmond Clark and Greg Olsen combined for 95 catches.  95 CATCHES!!!! I can’t contain myself… 95 CATCHES!!!  Hello Marcedes, Hello Zack Miller!  If you can make early picks in your fantasy league, get either of these two.  95 CATCHES!!!  This is an over the top good coaching selection.   Marcedes and Zack are both offensive weapons that can contribute a lot more, looks like they will be! They had about 50 catches together this year. I expect over 100 catches next year.    

Welcome Rob Boras!   Is Desmond Clark our next Torry Holt?  Maybe, probably not, but maybe. Desmond was very outspoken about losing his coach.  I can understand why.  I don’t understand why Rob Boras was thrown out with the others to save Lovie Smith. Rob did nothing wrong.  In fact he did a lot right. 



Ernest Byner is coming to Jacksonville! Ernest Byner and Kevin Mack played with Bernie Kosar and Ozzie Newsome in Cleveland when they knocked on the door of the Super Bowl twice. John Elway led the “Drive” and in the other opportunity there was the “Fumble”.  That got Ernest a one way ticket to the Washington Redskins where he only became a pro bowl runner with a 1200 yard season followed by a 1000 yard season. He finished his career with Cleveland/Baltimore and when he retired Ozzie Newsome hired him into the Baltimore front office.  

In 2004 Ernest became the Redskins running backs coach and met a young man named Clinton Portis. In his 4 years at Washington, he coached a 1,000 yard rusher each year. LaDell Betts, remember him (I don’t) was a 2006 1000 yard rusher.  In 2008 Jeff Fisher hired Ernest to help Chris Johnson mature.  I guess that worked out well.   

So what does David Garrard, Ernest Byner and Chris Johnson have in common? They are all standout East Carolina Pirates.  David Garrard and Ernest Byner are going to get along very well.  Ernest will feel right at home real fast.  What I think is the best things about Ernest is first, he was a very low thought of prospect coming out of college. A guy like Rashad Jennings can look to him for a role model. Second, he knows what it feels like to be the hero, the goat, fired, and then come back as a hero again.  He really does have it all.  He gained 8500 yards in his career, not bad for a 10th round draft choice.  This is a fantastic addition to the staff.  

Suddenly I don’t care who is calling the coaching moves behind the scenes.  These are very high quality choices.  This is further evidence the Jaguars are moving up.  Go get those season tickets.  The excitement is on the way!  

 - Terry O’Brien

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  • zoltanfrombudapest

    I see the upsides Terry!
    Boras-Tight ends are factors in the offense; and maybe he can bring Desmond Clark wih him soon…YES!

    Byner-He is I think veeeery motivated because of his firing; and because he replace Pola; who was his successor at the Titans.
    Combine that with Cullen who has it last and only 2nd chance here-I’M okay with the changes!!!!!

  • tkopa

    Ted Monochino was not a good defensive line coach.

    Mike Tice was never a real Tight Ends coach.

    Kennedy Pola wanted a bigger job.

    We have real good professional coaching now.

  • Braden

    This is really great. I agree with Terry, our TE group is going to be really solid this year, maybe the best tight end combo in the league! I believe in Zach Miller, especially now that he has a great coach.

    I’m interested to see who our new DL coach will be.

  • Adam

    I’m curious if Jaguar fans may be putting a little too much stock in the performance of these coaches’ players as a result of good coaching rather than just talented players.

    I agree that these coaches appear to have had a good year due to the stats of the players, but that begs the question, why were they both fired? Mike Tice and Kennedy Pola left on their own accord. Pola was even offered a pay raise to stay. Boras and Byner were fired. Why?

    Oh and Brayden, the DL coach was already hired. It’s Jim Cullen.

    • tkopa

      Just watch and see what happens! Coaching is more important than you think!

  • Alwaysforgiven821

    Adam – Boras was fired because the Bears cleaned out the whole offensive coaching staff. The thought in the Chicago media that I have found commenting on him is that Boras got the short stick. He was a coach they all thought deserved to be kept. Its like asking why a good, hard working American gets fired when a factory gets shut down.

    Byner got fired because Jeff Fisher was and has always been smitten with Pola. It has been known for /years/ that he has been trying to snatch Pola away from Jacksonville. This is the year that he finally had the chance. Problem? He had a running backs coach already. Way to solve problem? Fire Byner despite the fact that Byner was doing a great job.

    They were two good coaches caught in unfortunate circumstances – circumstances that we get to benefit from. Honestly, I believe Byner is a better coach than Pola. What he did in Washington was awesome. Don’t know much about Boras, truthfully – but from what I’ve read, he is one of the most respected TE coaches in the league.

  • Adam

    Thank you for the insight, I didn’t know that.

  • viator

    Great insight on our new coaches, Terry. I’m excited about the changes. I think both men are positives for the team. I think Cullen may turn out to be a good thing as well.

  • JagSoldier

    I think Mercedes is more talented than the majority of the TEs in the NFL. He is definetly better than the guys Chicago has. This could be the final piece he needed to be an elite player.