2009 NFL Mock Draft v1.0

# Team Pick
1 Detroit Lions
QB Matt Stafford, Georgia      

The Lions need a QB and with Bradford pulling out of the draft they are only left with 2 options; Stafford and Sanchez and I think they will go with the more experienced QB.

2 St. Louis Rams
OT Andre Smith, Alabama      

The Rams missed out on Jake Long last year and need to find a replacement for the aging Orlando Pace.  Andre Smith is the premier tackle in this year’s draft. 

3 Kansas City Chiefs
DE Brian Orakpo, Texas      

The Chiefs are one of the hardest teams to figure out at the top of the draft.  They have a new GM and will probably have a new coach and the need a lot of players.  They finished last in the NFL with a total of 10 sacks for the whole season so I say they take the top DE in the draft. 

4 Seattle Seahawks
WR Michael Crabtree      

The most explosive and sexy pick in the draft goes to the Seahawks.  With Hasselback back and healthy next year, new coach Jim Mora will be looking  for someone to throw to.  In comes Crabtree.

5 Cleveland Browns
LB Aaron Curry, Wake Forest      

Mangini will want to implement a 3 – 4 Defense when he takes over the Browns next season and who better to fit that system than a swift, pass rushing LB. 

6 Cincinnati Bengals
RB Chris Wells, Ohio State       

Who was the Bengals running back at the end of last season?  Cedric Benson?  They will take Beanie Wells and make a giant upgrade to their running game.

7 Oakland Raiders
OT Eugene Moore, Virginia      

The Raiders will fight every bone in their body and not take a WR/RB here and draft the thing that they need the most, a solid Offensive Lineman.  Don’t think that Al Davis still doesn’t surprise everyone and take Jeremy Macklin. 

8 Jacksonville Jaguars
OT Michael Oher, Ole Miss      

And now to my beloved Jaguars who took Derrick Harvey at this same spot last year.  This year the Jags will replace Khalif Barnes with the last of the elite OT in this year’s draft Michael Oher. 

9 Green Bay Packers
DE Aaron Maybin, Penn State      

The Packers’ defense is starting to show its age, both along the line and in the secondary so I wouldn’t be surprised if they took Malcolm Jenkins here but I think they will try to improve their pass rush with the tweener Aaron Maybin.

10 San Francisco 49ers
QB Mark Sanchez, USC      

With Stafford gone and Bradford back at Oklahoma, the 49ers are still left will a huge need at QB.  Sanchez had a great season at USC and  they will take a chance on him.

11 Buffalo Bills
DE Everette Brown, FSU      

The Bills started the season looking as though they would walk away with the AFC East but crumbled at the end of the year.  A big reason for their failure was the lack of a pass rush which they will try to fix with this pick. 

12 Denver Broncos
MLB Ray Maualuga, USC       

The Bronco’s rush defense was horrible last year.  They would have made it to the playoffs if they had just been able to stop the run.  Ray Maualuga will help them in the middle of the field.

13 Washington Redskins
OT Jason Smith, Baylor       

The Redskins have an aging Offensive Line and Jason Smith will bring them youth, size and speed.

14 New Orleans Saints
CB Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio State      

The Saints know how to throw the ball well but they need to defend against the pass better.  Malcolm Jenkins will give them an immediate upgrade at CB. 

15 Houston Texans
SS Taylor Mays, USC      

The Texans are definitely a team to watch out for in 2009 but the one thing they have always been missing is a center fielder to drive opposing receivers crazy.  Taylor Mays is that player. 

      *The order of the following teams could change based on the playoffs.
16 San Diego Chargers
RB Knowshon Moreno, Georgia      

LT is getting older and will hit the big 3-0 next season and I wouldn’t be shocked if the Chargers dealt him on or before the draft.  They will resign Sproles but he is not a long term solution.  They will take the best available RB here which is Knowshon Moreno. 

17 New York Jets
CB Vontae Davis, Illinois      

The Jets need help badly in the secondary, I mean Shawn Hill threw for 285 yards against them at the end of the season.  Vontae Davis should be able to help them their. 

18 Chicago Bears
WR Percy Harvin, Florida      

The first and only player from the national champion Gators to go in the first round, Percy Harvin is a home run threat that the Bears desperately need.   

19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
OLB Clint Sintim, Virginia     

I hate to say this Bucs fans, but Derrick Brooks won’t be around forever.  At age 35, they need to look for a replacement for the future and Clint Sintim is that future.

20 Detroit Lions
(9-7, Pick via Cowboys)
OT Eben Britton, Arizona     

Now that the Lions have a brand new franchise QB they might as well pick up a new OT to try and protect him. 

21 Arizona Cardinals
RB LeSean Mccoy, Pittsburgh     

They’ve been trying to work Edge back into the rotation with Hightower but the Cardinals don’t have any long term solutions at RB and Edge wants out anyway.   They try to fill that gap here.

22 Philadelphia Eagles
TE Brandon Pettigrew, Oklahoma St.     

L.J. Smith is a free agent after the end of this season and he has underperformed for years.  They will get younger and better with this pick. 

23 Minnesota Vikings
CB D.J. Moore, Vanderbilt     

With no QB or OT worthy of a pick at this spot I say the Vikings look at the needs in their secondary with their first round pick.

24 New England Patriots
OLB Brian Cushing, USC     

The Patriots are old at LB.  I mean really old.  They will draft Cushing to bring some youth back to this group  

25 Atlanta Falcons
DT B.J. Raji, Boston College     

The Falcons will eventually have to find a replacement for the aging big man Grady Jackson and Mike Smith loves big hole clogging Defensive Linemen. 

26 Miami Dolphins
S William Moore, Missouri     

The Dolphins need some help in their passing game. William Moore is an athletic player who can help them not only against the pass but isn’t afraid of laying hits in the running game. He’s a Parcells type of player.


27 Baltimore Ravens
WR Jeremy Maclin, Missouri  

The Ravens are old at WR and Joe Flaco definitely needs more weapons at his disposal.  Jeremy Maclin could be the answer to these problems. 

28 Indianapolis Colts
DT Peria Jerry, Ole Miss     

The Colts need help in stopping the run and they will take the best available DT at this spot who will be Peria Jerry. 

29 Philadelphia Eagles
(12-4; Pick via Panthers)
G Duke Robinson, Oklahoma      

The Eagles would love to take an OT here but they would be reaching so why not go with a Guard instead?  Robinson is a big, run blocker who will help Philly pound the ball.

30 Pittsburgh Steelers
C Alex Mack, Cal     

What is being touted as one of the best Centers to come out of the draft in years, Mack should be able to help protect Roethlisberger stay healthy.

31 New York Giants
WR  Darrius Heyward-Bey, Maryland 

The Giants will need to draft  a new WR after the Plaxico Burress fiasco.  They will turn to the speedy Darrius Heyward-Bey to stretch the field.

32 Tennessee Titans
MLB James Laurinaitis, Ohio State     

The Titans need some new WRs but they typically don’t draft them, especially not in the first round.  I think they get excellent value here with Laurinaitis. 

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  • Viper

    Where’s Jeremy Maclin????

  • JeremyBaldwin

    I knew I was going to forget someone!  I will edit the list now.

  • MC

    Good draft but I don’t see the Lions drafting a QB. Since the Lions are almost a lock to get another top ten pick next year, they can pick their franchise tackle at 1 and not take a chance on one at 20, and then chose between Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, or Colt McCoy next year. But a good overall draft.

  • JeremyBaldwin

    Thanks MC.  This is my first ever attempt at doing a full mock draft so I’m still a little green.

    My next draft will have the correct order of the playoff teams plus players that have done well at the Senior Bowl.  I’m seeing some really good things from BJ Raji DT from Boston College.
  • http://bigcatcountry Bigcatcountry

    Oher struggled mightily at the South Practices for the senior bowl. No way the Jags take him with the #8 pick, especially after how poorly he did. On one play he was bull rushed over by CLAY MATTHEWS!! 255lb LB bull rushed over a 320 lb tackle… forget it. Let someone else pick him.

  • JeremyBaldwin

    He did have a rough week at practices but let’s see how he does at the game on Saturday night.  The OL is always at a disadvantage in those one on one drills.

    Personally I hope we trade back, maybe with Philly to get thier late two first round picks.
  • Liberal Jaguar Fan

    So you are going to start an unproven rookie OT in the regular season at one of the more difficult positions in the league. 

    Need base picking is bogus.  BAP all the way. 

  • JeremyBaldwin

    After watching the Senior Bowl, I’m no longer sold on taking Oher at that high of a pick.   It will be reflected in my next Mock Draft which will be after the Super Bowl.

    As far as starting a rookie LT on day one, all I can say is it worked well with Boselli didn’t it?
  • florida ted

    News flash the ugliest man alive Al Davis trades away oaklands #1 & 2 to seattle to chose Crabtree..  I thing Al has a fettish for wide receivers running up and down the field in those gym shorts

  • http://youtube Jag fan 4ever

    jacksonville should get a wr at the #1 or #2 spot. I agree the patriots need another young linebacker to be as good as Jerod Mayo. Good draft.

  • Jeanne

    The Jaguars have had so many busts at first round with wide receivers. Maybe they will do better without Shack Harris having a decision but I really don’t want to see them pick up yet another WR.