Should the Jaguars move to LA?

Well, gosh! It has been a big three days for me here at Black and Teal! According to Adam from Arrowhead Addict, I broke the record for most visits and comments on day one for an FSB blog. Who would have thought a little miss like me, making an off handed comment about a lame ad, would have gotten just so much attention? And I haven’t even talked about football yet! I guess I should do the job I got this blog for.

Jeanne mode: serious.

Isn’t that Josh Scobee character just so darling?

Oh. Wait. No. That isn’t it.

There are a lot of issues facing the Jaguars coming into the 2008 season. Will trading away half our draft picks be worth it? Will Garrard be able to keep up that amazing pass to interception ratio? Will our receiving corps step up? And, on that note, are we really going to keep Matt Jones? Really?

However, there is always the one looming problem that sports commentators love to bring up.

When will LA get its team?

Now, as I mentioned in my first entry, Jaguar fans have a bad rap as fans. We’re flaky. We don’t care enough. We care too much about the Noles/Gators/Hurricanes/Bulldogs. And those gosh darn tarps. They are just an eyesore.  So, of course we’re on the top of everyone’s short list of teams to move.

I must preface this by saying that despite the fact that LA is the second largest market, I don’t really agree with them getting a team. They had their chance, let us have ours!

Here is my argument for the Jags staying in Jacksonville, in nice, bulleted form:

  • Wayne Weaver was on the committee that fought to get Jacksonville an NFL team. He wanted the team to be here.
  • Those tarps are an eye sore. However, The Jack was built way, waaaay to big for the market size. The stadium can hold up to 84,000 people. That is over 10,000 more seats than Heinz Field, Soldiers Field, Lambeau Field and  Gillette Stadium all who have a much longer, much more successful history. Also, on top of that, Jacksonville itself is a blue collar town. A lot of people here don’t exactly have the money to spare on season tickets (especially with gas price the way they are) and a lot of them work on Sundays.
  • People who grew up watching the Jaguars are just now graduating school and getting their stuff together. They may not have season tickets yet, but they will.
  • They don’t want to break my heart.

One of the other problems, that doesn’t deserve its own bullet, is that the Jaguars were way too successful way too fast. We were spoiled rotten and now we’ve grown complacent. How are the Carolina Panthers any different? Vic Ketchum explains here.

The big difference between the Jaguars and the Panthers is that the Panthers solid Permanent Seat Licences (PSLs). That’s what has allowed them to sell their tickets; the threat of forfeiting their PSLs if they don’t buy their tickets

On top of that, our 11 minute drives of today are a lot different that Mark Brunnell to Jimmy Smith 64 yard runs. We’re not exactly the most explosive team. Those plays don’t sell tickets. That, however, is more of a problem with the fans. I don’t think it would be much different anywhere else, though.

I am sure next season the same problem will be brought up again. And I will still be here, rolling my eyes at the notion. Keep in mind, the eye roll won’t be because of the ridiciousness of the idea but because I am in total denial and the idea is too hurtful to keep in my head for too long.

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  • Redskins Guy

    As someone who had to watch a city (Baltimore) lose it’s team and identity while growing up, I hope it doesn’t happen to you guys. They should just let the Chargers relocate, since it’s already in the region so the fans wouldn’t feel abandoned.

  • Adam

    L.A. needs a team, but not as desperately as everyone thinks. I used to live out there, and with the entertainment industry and the Lakers an NFL team isn’t going to be No. 1 on the pecking order no matter what. Still, with at least 13 million people they have to get a team eventually. The Chargers idea is a pretty good one. Could even move them to Anaheim to appease L.A. and San Diego fans. Bolts fans suck anyways.

    As for the Jags, I hope you guys don’t lose them. I couldn’t imagine losing the Chiefs, and I’d hate for anybody else to lose their beloved team.

  • Zach

    I would hate to see Jacksonville move to LA. I really could care less if LA ever got a team again. I think that the NFL has been better since they haven’t had one.

  • http://Phinphanatic Brian

    They should leave it open until Al Davis dies and just put the freaking Raiders back there…Jokeland doesn’t need a team.

  • Zach

    I mean seriously. People get shot at Oakland games.

  • Zach

  • thelandryhat

    Oakland’s stadium is the worst in MLB-NFL. I have been there several times and it is a concrete disaster. Crossing the walking bridge into the concrete hell is an overlook of a trashy canal of disgusting garbage and bums all over the place. It is really, really gross. But the BART takes you right to it.

  • theMBIIIeffect

    I hope you guys keep the Jags. The more playoff runs you make, the better though. Gotta get the consistent fan base, which is tough in Florida, but I think you have the team to do it. Tough division though.

  • http://;) chris

    It doesn’t make any sense for the Jaguars to move to LA for one major reason: LA just doesn’t care that much about pro-football. You have in or near LA too many successful sports teams, ie USC, and then San Diego down the road. The Rams left for a very good reason.

    Oh, and Al Davis is also spending cash like he’s stockpiling treasures for his tomb.

  • Staubach

    I know the NFL is interested in getting a team in Canada. I think the Bills are even going to play a game there. So LA might not be the first spot for a relocation

  • Jacksonville Native

    Our town did just fine without the NFL and now is a good time for the jags to find a new home. Before we had the team we could actually see good games but since the jags began I have faded away from watching football. I think with the economy the way it is the “Jacksonville” Jags will not last more than 5 years here. Cant wait!!!!! See ya, goodby, aloha!!

  • Shaky Jake

    Native I cant wait till you leave Jacksonville to make a comment like that you obviously have never been a Jaguar fan and have never supported the team. A real fan knows you cant win every game or go to the playoffs every year. Save the space and dont post trash like that anymore.

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  • Dolfan

    Florida has two teams worth noting, the Jaguars.. and the Dolphins, the baganeers need to relocate.. I am tired of seeing them seasaw from suck to mediocrity, at least the jags and fish are consistent, either great.. or horrible.. not mind bogglingly random like the baganeers.

    • unclealfie

      Are my eyes deceiving me? The sad sack dolphins looking down on other teams? Now, that’s humor!
      Maybe if the Bucs and Jags were banned to California, the fins could get some fannies in their overprices seats! (But, I doubt it.)

  • unclealfie

    5 year old comments? WTF?

  • Arnelle Scott

    yeah the jaguars need to move to different location because Jacksonville has no type of fans to support the team plus there is no major money in Jacksonville to support this team plus the GMs don’t listen to the fans. That’s why they walk out