3 players for the Jacksonville Jaguars to draft 24th overall

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Michael Mayer, Jacksonville Jaguars
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The Jacksonville Jaguars need a great tight end and Michael Mayer is that.

The Jacksonville Jaguars seem to really be needing a tight end where they might take whoever they think is the best of the draft class at that position. Whether Dalton Kincaid is there or not, there might be a different player that they consider if he is available.

That player is Michael Mayer who was a member of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team. Of course, as a member of the Irish, he was a fantastic player and will now be a first-round pick in the NFL Draft. This is a pick that could end up changing the franchise for a long time.

Mayer projects to be a great NFL tight end. Although Rob Gronkowski is the greatest tight end who ever lived, that is who Michael Mayer projects to play like. He might not be as impactful as Gronk was in terms of numbers but if he plays even slightly close to that, his team will love him.

Trevor Lawrence’s entire career could be positively impacted if the Jaguars made a move for one of these tight ends. Seeing him throw to a guy like Mayer would be so sweet and it could be a move that makes his life easier for the next decade or more.