Jacksonville Jaguars: 2017 Midseason Review

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Top 3 Offensive Performers

1. Leonard Fournette

Leonard Fournette has been everything he was hyped up to be, and them some. Fournette is already a top running back in the league, and is planting his flag as a superstar for years to come with the Jaguars.

Fournette has missed two games this season, and still has put up 596 yards on the ground, which is sixth best in the league. In addition, despite the two missed games, Fournette has six touchdowns which is the second most by a running back.

A seemingly unduplicatable mix of size and speed, Leonard Fournette has made the immediate impact you want from a top-five pick.

2. Blake Bortles

Despite all the criticism he has faced, Blake Bortles has delivered in 2017. Bortles’ numbers are not flashy, throwing ten touchdowns so far and 207 yards passing a game. But Bortles has done the exact job he was asked to do, and done it effectively. Bortles has cut down on turnovers, throwing just five interceptions, and is picking up third downs with his arm.

The offense, even with a central focus on the running game, wasn’t going to be functional without reliable play from the quarterback, and Blake Bortles has stepped-up and answered the bell through eight games.

3. Offensive Line

This isn’t one guy, but the offensive line as a whole is due for some much-needed praise.

There were many concerns with the offensive line throughout the preseason, and it appeared that the unit may stall any progress the offense was trying to make. But the big men up front have more than held their own this season, and have done an outstanding job in both the passing and running games.

The Jaguars offensive line has given up just 11 sacks, the third-fewest in the league. When it comes to the run game, Jacksonville has the number one rushing attack, averaging nearly 167 yards a game.

Challenged from the very beginning of the season, the offensive line is getting it done in both protecting their quarterback and creating running lanes for the backs.