2015 Jaguars Draft Preview: Round 1

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Nov 1, 2014; Piscataway, NJ, USA; Wisconsin Badgers running back Melvin Gordon (25) runs for first down during the second quarter against the Rutgers Scarlet Knights at High Points Solutions Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jim O


There are plenty of needs of the Jags, but as we do this 2015 Jaguars draft preview for round one, we need to keep in mind that the top of the first round is not a spot to pick your pet project or to fill a need with a gamble. The top of the first round is where you seek that perfect marriage of the best player available and (hopefully) being able to plug him in at a need position. For the Jaguars, this could be a perfect marriage at the pass rushing LEO position. For other positions like running back, free safety, and left tackle depth, the Jaguars should wait. There are plenty of players that can fill those positions, except at free safety, but their ability does not make them a target at third overall in the 2015 NFL Draft.


The Jaguars could shock the world and pick anybody they want, much like taking Blake Bortles third overall last year, but expect them to stick to their guns and go after the best player available who can be an impact rookie. To me (as unsexy as it sounds) that looks like a pass rushing LEO like Dante Fowler Jr. As much as we here at B&T love Vic Beasley, Fowler has been mocked to the Jaguars consistently for good reason. He can come in and immediately be successful and he could be something great.

Just don’t be shocked if it is another pass rusher or a wide receiver like Cooper or White.

Now, over tonight at the bar or tomorrow at the water cooler you can chat with your friends and say I told you that it’s going to be a pass rusher or a wide receiver. You’ll sound informed and if everything turns out wrong you can always blame it on me and this 2015 Jaguars draft preview. I then will blame it on Caldwell for deceiving all of us.

We’re just a day away! Go Jags! DTWD!

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