Can’t Wait For Football

The preseason is nothing short of amazing for football fans after fasting away from the sport for a few months.  The rabid fan base that attends the Draft, training camp, and anything they can get into is finally rewarded by getting to see their team in action in the preseason.

Sure, the games don’t mean anything.  Sure, almost the entire time is filled with players who will probably be second string at best anyway.  And sure, watching the few starters left in the third quarter demolish third stringers isn’t exactly competitive.  But it is fun!

The preseason game between the Jags and the Giants won’t be the most miraculous bit of football to ever occur, but it will start the season right.  The Jaguars get to test their young team against the Super Bowl champions and will have a good measuring stick to compare their team to as they trim down to the mandatory 53-man roster.

In two nights, there will be no more starving for football because we will finally be getting what we want.  There may not be a Maurice Jones-Drew stomping on a tough defensive line, but there will at least be a running back trying to find some holes and make the team – always a pleasure to watch.

– Luke N. Sims

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