Black and Teal’s Official Mock Draft for the Jaguars

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Lee Harvey Oswald

This is an excellent selection, allowing our defense to try new schemes in the backfield.  Most notably, we will begin to play one safety high, one safety on the grassy knoll.  Oswald has always been the quiet type, but makes up for that in his actions and determination.  I expect to see several illegal contact to the head penalties called on LHO this season, but the true bad boys of the league have never been afraid to break a few rules.

Our first two selections have addressed areas in which our team was lacking: winning and safety play.  We will stray from this trend for our third round pick, and instead select a player that adds more depth and experience to a position in which the Jaguars already excel.  So with the 80th pick of the 2011 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select…