The Jags first opponent – Playing Offense against the Denver Broncos

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Denver went on a six game win streak. Let’s look at the second half defense to understand their philosophy and how they controlled the game…

Cincinnati Week 1. 

Denver is up 3-0 at half time. Cincinnati gets the ball to start the second half. Carson Palmer completes 3 passes for short yardage. They make one first down. Champ Baily and the linebackers keep all of the plays in front of them. After one first down and three incomplete passes, Cincinnati punts.

Cincinnati second series.

  • Cedric Benson gets 6 yards to the right.
  • Next play Carson Palmer is sackedby outside linebacker Haggen.
  • Next play Carson Palmer is sacked by substitute lineman D Reid. 
  • Punt. 

 Cincinnati third series.

  • Cedric Benson tries the right side again and is stuffed for a 5 yard loss by Davis and Haggan.
  • Carson Palmer passes one incomplete and one complete for 14 yards, short of a first down.
  • Punt. 

Cincinnati Fourth series.

  • Ochcinco called for offensive pass interference, seven yard penalty.
  • One short pass 
  • one incomplete 
  • Cincinnati punts. 

Cincinnati Fifth series.

  • Cedric Benson hits the left side for 20 yards.
  • Palmer hits 4 passes in a row    
  • Benson hits a one yard touchdown.
  • Bengals up 7-6 with 0:11 to go. 

Denver: Orton throws for Brandon Marshall, the ball is tipped and Stockley comes up with it for an 87 yard touchdown. Miracle win for Denver.

Dallas Week 4.  

After beating a helpless Oakland and Cleveland, Dallas visits Mile High Stadium.

It is 10-7 Dallas at half. Dallas comes out for the first series of the second half.

  • Tashard Choice is stuffed for a one yard loss on the right side.
  • Tony Romo throws incomplete
  • Intercepted by Champ Baily

Dallas Second series: 

  • Dallas makes a first down, 
  • Tony Romo is sacked by Elvis Dumervile for a 4 yard loss.
  • Two plays later, Dallas punts. 

Dallas Third series:

  • Three and out.
  • Dallas gains 3 yards total in the drive. 

Dallas Fourth series:

  • Tashard Choice cracks off 7 yards to the right, then 14 yards to the left.
  • Offensive holding sets Dallas back 
  • two incomplete passes
  • punt. 

Dallas Fifth series: After making a first down,

  • Tashard Choice is stuffed for a 3 yard loss.
  • Tony Romo is sacked by V Holliday for a 4 yard loss.
  • Another punt   

With 2:00 to go, Kyle Orton hits Brandon Marshall for a 53 yard touchdown. Dallas is losing 17-10.

Dallas last series:

  • Romo hits Hurd over the middle for 51 yards.
  • The rest of the plays are all incomplete passes.
  • Game over. 

NewEngland Week 5. 

New England is up 17-7 at the half.  The Patriots have 195 yards total offense and Brady is 14-19 and two touchdowns. Here is how the second half went for the Patriots;

Patriots First series. 

  • One short pass completion 
  • two incomplete passes 
  • punt. 

Patriots Second series:

  • Brady to Moss for 36 yards.
  • Two more incomplete passes
  • Missed 40 yard FG.
  • The missed FG costs the game. 

Patriots Third series:

  • Short pass complete
  • two incompletes
  • punt
  • Denver running in to the kicker,
  • Short completion
  • Incomplete pass,
  • running goes nowhere
  • Denver off sides,
  • run goes no where,
  • two incomplete passes and
  • punt. 

Patriots Fourth series:

  • Short pass
  • short run
  • incomplete pass
  • punt. 

Patriots Fifth series:

  • Brady sacked, fumbles,
  • Denver recovers. 

Denver had scored twice and the game goes to overtime where Denver wins the toss and wins. Had the FG been good, the Patriots would have won the game.

San Diego Week 6. 

San Diego is 2-2 and coming off a bye-week. Denver is 5-0 and visits San Diego at home. The score is 20-17 San Diego at half time. San Diego has over 200 yards offense and a returned punt for a 77 yard TD. Let’s see how Denver played defensively;

San Diego First series:

  • Denver off-sides keeps the play alive.
  • Rivers hits on 18 yards and 16 yards   
  • 50 yard FG is good. 

San Diego Second series:

  • Tomlinson right side for 17 yards.
  • Tomlinson left side for 7 yards.
  • Phillip Rivers sackedby Dumervil, fumbles, Denver recovers. 

San Diego Third series:

  • Tomlinson stuffed for minus 4 yards right side.
  • Phillip Rivers sacked for minus 4 yards,
  • punt. 

San Diego Fourth series:

  • Phillip Rivers sacked for minus 11 yards,
  • Denver for interference,
  • three incomplete passes a
  • Turnover on downs. 

San Diego Fifth series:

  • Rivers completes passes of 17, 18 and 10 yards,
  • Phillip Rivers sacked,
  • FG no good. 

Denver wins 34-23.