Storm clouds on the horizon – The Jaguars in 2011 and beyond

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But 2011 means a lot of work to do in the front office anyway. This year, the best player headed for free agent the Jaguars had to worry about was Clint Ingram. In 2011; key core players will be free agents.Here’s the list of the key Jaguars players who are in contract year:

Marcedes Lewis: He must be re-signed sooner than later and probably before the new season. He is a core player and building block of this team.

Mike Sims Walker:  If he continues to be the legitime Number. 1 target, he need to be extended during the season

Justin Durant:  He is in the exact same position as Clint Ingram was. If he performs well he can expect some extra money after the season from Gene

Uche Nwaneri: If he is the Jaguars long term solution at center; he need to be extended

Kirk Morrison: I think the Jaguars must re-sign him after this year; but if I’m wrong please correct me. By the way Daryl Smith will NOT be a free agent after this season; he signed a 5 year deal in 2007 which expires after the 2011 season. (Note: I read in couple of sites that he will be a free agent in 2011; that’s why I mentioned him)

Scott Starks: A locker room favourite; the 3rd best CB of the team. Maybe he can get a new contract

Sean Considine & Gerald Alexander: Although they are just “guys” for some; I think at least 1 of them will get a new contract

Adam Podlesh: If he can survive his off season; and can make the team; he has one very last chance to prove he is an NFL caliber punter

Luke McCown: I think his fate depends on Garrard. If David has a bad year this year, I can Luke will compete with Gene’s new first round draft choice and Luke will most likely will be a dependable backup. If David has a good season; I think Gene will let Luke go with a new drafted QB on the roster. 

I need to spend a few words about the Rashean Mathis situation; which is a storm in the making. If something good which makes both sides happy does not happen, this will serve as a preview what Jaguars fans must prepare for in the 2011 offseason.

Do you agree that a storm is gathering?

– Zoltan Paksa