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Poll: Grade The Blake Bortles Pick

We’ve now had a few minutes to let the surprise of the Jacksonville Jaguars picking Blake Bortles third overall sink in. So Jaguar fans, what do you think of the selection of the former UCF quarterback? How would you grade the pick?

Grade The Blake Bortles Pick

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  • Bobby Postma

    I’ll give it an A-. I like the pick, he is a great qb and should put in work

    • Matthew

      An A-? Really? When they could have traded back, got extra picks and still probably took Bortles? I don’t care how good or bad Bortles is…it’s a complete misread of the draft.

      • Matt Hoffman

        Not if they believe Bortles is their guy at QB, which they obviously do. If you have a guy you love, you take him. Don’t risk trading down and losing him. Caldwell said he’s long known he wanted Bortles, so it made sense to go ahead and pull the trigger.

        • Daniel Lago

          I was a Teddy guy the whole way and I agree. If Bortles is your guy, just take him.

        • Matthew

          it’s not about drafting bortles. it’s about when. if houston really liked aaron murray and wanted him at qb and drafted him #1 overall, would you think that’s smart? if jax was 1 player, a qb, away from being a great team and you have bortles as your highest rated qb by a WIDE margin, then perhaps i would be fine with the pick. but when your team has as many holes as jax does, you don’t take bortles at 3.

          so would you rather have bortles at #3 or take the chance he’s still there at #9 this year, as well as have an additional 1st and 4th round pick next year? i’m laying out this scenario since we know they could have gotten this deal from buffalo.

          • Matt Hoffman

            If HOU really thought that high of Murray, I would’ve completely disagreed with them, but yes, they should have taken him. Seattle got SLAUGHTERED a few years back for taking Bruce Irvin as high as they did. How did that work out?

            If they believe he’s the guy, they should’ve taken him at 3, just like they did. You can’t say that they could’ve traded down and still gotten him, because there’s no guarantee he still would’ve been there.

            Here’s the thing also: what does that say to Bortles if you trade down and then take him? It says you think he’s worth the 9th pick, but not the 3rd. It says you were willing to gamble and possibly lose him. Mostly, it says that you don’t BELIEVE he’s THE guy. Is that really the message you want to send to your QB?

          • Matthew

            it says we’re a smart organization and we’re doing everything possible to rebuild the team as quickly as possible. it seemed to work out ok for the patriots when they passed on brady for 5 previous rounds. if someone’s ego/self-esteem is that fragile, guess what? he’s not the guy.

            and you’re right, there’s no guarantee he would have been there at #9. but again, do you want bortles at #3 or *probably* bortles at #9 (or any other top 10 player if someone happened to take him), plus additional 1st and 4th round picks next year?

            if you don’t see the issue here, i don’t know what to tell you.

          • Matt Hoffman

            How quickly are you gonna rebuild the team without a quarterback? Say they do trade down, and then Bortles is selected? Then what do you do at QB?

            Also, are we sure the Bills were offering the same thing to the Jags at 3? Maybe they did, but I haven’t seen that confirmed.

          • Matthew

            i didn’t realize that bortles was the only qb in the draft….. for weeks they’ve been linked to clowney, mack or watkins with the #3 pick and picking up a qb in the 2nd round. that seemed like a fairly logical option. additionally, they could have traded back into the first round and taken manziel or bridgewater. i don’t know if they would have been able to move up to get the former, but they surely could have gotten the latter.

            if buffalo was willing to make that deal for the #4 pick, they would have obviously did it for #3. if caldwell didn’t know that the bills would be willing to approximately give up what they did, it’s another err in judgement.

          • Matt Hoffman

            You can’t assume that because a team made a trade at 4, that they would’ve done it at 3 as well. Sometimes teams say ‘if he falls to X spot, then we call and try to trade”. It doesn’t matter though, as Caldwell has said he wasn’t going to risk losing his number one player on the board.

            So wait a minute. You’re upset they took their top QB at 3rd overall, but you would’ve been fine with them giving up multiple picks to move back in the 1st and select their 2nd or 3rd(possibly lower) rated guy? Doesn’t make sense to me, and this is coming from someone who had Bridgewater and Manziel ranked higher than Bortles.

            You’re also acting like Watkins or Mack are guaranteed to be good, and Bortles is guaranteed not to be. Obviously, there is no way of knowing that. But why would you pass up your top rated prospect to gamble for a couple of extra picks? What if Bortles would’ve been selected by another team and then gone on to be the next Brady or Manning? You’re gonna regret that trade, no matter who you selected with the additional picks.

          • Matthew

            the browns wouldn’t give up the exact same package to get 1 pick higher? really?

            we’re obviously not going to see eye to eye on this. you think using a #3 pick on the 15th overall best prospect, according to guys that make their living ranking prospects, is fine because they got the guy they wanted. i don’t see it that way.

          • Matt Hoffman

            It’s not the 15th overall prospect though, is the thing. Dave Caldwell gets paid a hell of a lot more money than analysts do to rank prospects, and he had him ranked 1st. If Caldwell is going to ignore his own rankings, his coaches rankings, and his scouts rankings to listen to guys who aren’t employed in the NFL…Yeah, he shouldn’t be a GM.

            You’re right, we aren’t going to agree on this, because you think that a team should make their selections based on rankings of random bloggers/writers/etc. I think that’s ridiculous.

          • Matthew

            did i say caldwell should draft according to mel kiper? you clearly can’t understand my argument.

          • Matt Hoffman

            This is what you said:
            ” #3 pick on the 15th overall best prospect, according to guys that make their living ranking prospects”
            So, who are you talking about then?

          • Matt Hoffman

            I don’t think I said anything about Kiper. Maybe you can show it to me.

      • Bobby Postma

        I think if we can pick up marquise Lee then this pick will look more sexy